Yes Gudako, I lurk on Reddit and Twitter. I see ALL the lewd things...

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Yes Gudako, I lurk on Reddit and Twitter. I see ALL the lewd things…

I forgot just how meta this event really was. Even though I had Bunyan from last year—grailed to level 70 and now all of her skills are at 10/10/10 because she’s actually pretty cheap to level in terms of QP.

In-game Jokes & Meta

Edison knows whats up.

Throughout the entire event, there’s a ton of jokes about farming, leveling Servants, and acquiring the mats to do so. Even a few spots that poke gentle fun at the saltiness you experience when you roll the gacha and don’t get what you’re expecting*.

*Personal experience: I most recently rolled for Okita Alter during the GUDAGUDA event and got Scheherazade >_>—yes, didn’t bat an eye at burning her for more gold mana prisms—and again during the GSSR when I got Abby—now NP2. Also, 🤬 Fionn. Didn’t like him before the Ereshkigal banner, now I really don’t like him. Although, I probably shouldn’t be too hasty. Most of my small collection of gold prisms came from that banner because of him.

And it gets better. Honestly, I’m very guilty of half-assed leveling up Mata Hari, and then never using her. At one point, I had it in my head to use her as part of a charm-lock team with Euryale (I didn’t have Stheno), but leveling up the 4- and 5- star servants I blew money on/got lucky worked hard to get always ended up being more important, not to mention grailing the 3- and 4-stars that I had to level 90 (case-in-point, Euryale).

Come on, folks. I wanna see your grailed Mata Haris!

Side-note: One of the awesome developments during the course of playing through this event is I reached max bond for Kiyohime! She’s the third servant that I’ve managed to max bond—Cu Chulainn and Kuro being the other two. Kuro, I’m pretty sure I maxed out during Shimousa, and Cu was sometime around Setsuban.

Seriously. This was me being lazy.


Well, take more time to power ’em up then. I barely broke out a sweat wiping out all three lines.

There’s some slight picking at the masters (usually n00bs) who opt to leave Mash out of their starting lineup, not realizing just how useful she really is, especially after she gets her NP upgrade in the first arc. I was very guilty of that early on, until I realized even before the upgrade, that she did a very good job of keeping my front-liners intact.

So basically, do level Mash up as quickly as you can if you’re a new player. Things change later on with Arc 2, and yes, Ortinax is a different ball-game but trust me, it’s easier to deal with a fully-leveled up Mash (skills and all) than if she was still sitting at 70/6/6/6.

*pats awkwardly* I like you and that’s all that should be important

Anyway, of course since this event is based in America, inevitably there’s going to be some discourse on current and past social issues. I should become unlazy and track down the fan-translated transcript from the event when it ran on the Japanese servers. Anyway, as a trigger warning, you might want to skip Page 2, and go directly to Page 3.

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