White Day Event 2024 Recap

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2023 White Day event in Fate Grand Order features Arjuna Alter, voiced CEs, and introduces SSR Constantine XI.

This year’s White Day event (Chaldea Boys Collection) features eye-glasses—of all things. The story wasn’t spectacular and about what you’d expect from an event that doesn’t really tie into the continuity at all. In fact, you’ll notice that our hero and gang are still at Novum Chaldea, which was destroyed by U-Olga Marie in the Tunguska epilogue.

One game mechanic here that I thought was going to be annoying, but turned out to be not as bad as I was expecting, was being unable to actually kill the opponent. They all had Guts, and once the health-bar was depleted, the enemy falls back instead of disappearing.

Voiced CEs

One thing that made this event different from others are the voiced CEs—yes, that’s right. Voiced CEs. You get a voice-over that briefly describes the story behind the CE the first time that CE is summoned. I was only able to get seven out of the nine CEs summoned, but here’s a video of the voice-lines of them ones that I was able to summon.

Event Details

Arjuna Alter turned out to be the main focus of this event, which I’m tempted to think was a little bit weird but the devs probably thought that he hadn’t gotten any serious screen-time since the Christmas 2022 event. One thing I noticed from Christmas 2022 and onward, and it’s bugged the hell out of me, is that Arjuna Alter’s eye whites are actually red—like has dude been off smoking a blunt somewhere? And if so, with whom?

So where is bro keepin’ his stash. And who is he smokin’ it with?

Anyway, I digress.

Aside from Arjuna Alter, we also get a line-up of Servants accompanying the protagonist that you wouldn’t think would interact with each other. Nobukatsu, Saito, Cú Chulainn Alter, Arjuna Alter, and Nemo—which I thought was rather weird. However, I suppose this was an attempt to throw out more screen-time for fan-favorites.

The whole premise of the story was the the stereotype that glasses make you smarter—nah, they make you look smarter. Well, most times. I’ve known some folks who wore glasses that I could tell right off the bat were dumbasses. Anyway, that leads us to new wardrobe keys for a few Servants, including those that weren’t featured in the event.

So the end-result is we have an Arjuna Alter is who is more rational when Karna is around because he’s wearing glasses.

Like most events in Fate Grand Order, this event doesn’t offer much in the way of story, other than to see Servants together who otherwise wouldn’t interact. Nobukatsu and Saito make sense because they’re both GUDAGUDA Servants but the other three?

Another thing to note is that the other Servants summoned to the Singularity aren’t Chaldea Servants, but they’re also grouped up (for the most part) in ways that suggest a relation to one another. Case-in-point: both Mordred and Paracelsus were in the London Singularity, while Karna and Gawain are from the Extra/Extella games. It’s interesting that they paired Gawain and Karna with Enkidu, though, while Medusa and Sanson were part of Mordred’s group and from what I remember, none of them have ever interacted together.

I feel called out here.


I took the opportunity to get a better feel for Bazett—who I was lucky enough to nab during the Valentine’s Day event. Honestly, I don’t regret rolling for her and I love the fact that she “auto-attacks” on what’s basically the enemy turn, significantly reducing the enemy’s health bar, and potentially ending a fight faster when your turn comes around.

With this event, I managed to get her up to bond level 5. She doesn’t get used as much since she’s a single-target Servant, but she’s sort of become the one I keep in mind for boss-fights where there’s class-advantage.

Advertisement for New Servant

The whole purpose of this event was to introduce a new limited SSR Servant, Constantine XI—who is going to be prominently featured as an enemy in Lostbelt 6.5 Traum (thank you Clairvoyance X for that one), which is supposed to be out sometime in June.

One thing that caught my attention when he initially debuted on the Japanese server was that he sort of looked like Michael Praed—of course, I’ve seen people commenting that he looks like Michael Roa Valdamjong from Tsukihime but I have no real experience with Tsukihime beyond memes and what’s cropped up in the game so I’ll go with what I know. However, when I say he looks like Michael Praed, I’m obviously saying a young Michael Praed. You’d have to see the old Nightflyers movie from the ‘80s to see what I mean.

That being said, looking at the Japanese server stats, I’m not a huge fan of Constantine’s kit. I would have expected something similar to Mash’s kit, like a full group defense and attack buff but surprisingly, his kit is rather selfish unless the team has the Roman trait.

Basically, he’s not Shielder 2.0 as some fans have been claiming. Frankly, because of the selfishness, I likely won’t bother rolling for him.

Ironic that he ends up calling himself “Michael” at the beginning of the event—now whether the writers intended a wink-wink-nudge-nudge at Roa or Michael Praed remains to be seen.

March Events

The White Day event is barely over, and we already have a new event on the way. Prepare yourself for Unlimited Maintenance Works tonight as Battle in New York 2024 is released in time for the weekend. Of course, there’s also a pickup campaign accompanying this event for Odysseus and Tesla—something I’m sure fans of those two will welcome (me: not a fan of either.)

Like it’s predecessors (including Nero Fest), there will be an unlimited lotto, so best get those farming comps ready!

Advanced Quest 3

Advanced Quest 3 should be out at the end of the month. This quest actually appears to be three quests in one, with each quest award being a CE that increases mat drops by 5%. One of the CEs is a second copy of the dust CE that was reward for completing AQ1, and a second copy of the bones CE from AQ2. This event will also reward a new mat CE for teeth.

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