GUDAGUDA 2023 — A Lot of Fun!

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After taking a long hiatus, I finally came back to Fate Grand Order in time for this year’s…

After taking a long hiatus, I finally came back to Fate Grand Order in time for this year’s GUDAGUDA event. At first, I wasn’t going to participate but then I changed my mind, and I’m really glad that I did because this has probably been the best event so far this year—to be honest, the events have been meh since the Grail Concert event back in April. I “started” the Halloween event but quit before the half-way point because the story wasn’t interesting enough to hold my attention, plus I realized that I already had two good AoE Arts Rider Servants (Summer Mordred and Habetrot), so why bother?


One thing we can all agree on here. Fate GO needs more Oryou content—like seriously. The fact that we had another event that focused on Ryouma and Oryou was awesome in and of itself, and even more awesome is that the story went into Ryouma’s background and his relationship with Oryou. Then we have Izo with his new dapper suit 😂—I gotta level both him and Mori at some point because I actually like them both.

One knock that I do have on the story (well, technically two knocks) is that Ranmaru and Izumo-no-Okuni were basically just tacked on for the sake of the story. Granted, you did have a tie back to the original Ranmaru and Nobbu’s missing head, and it would have been nice to explore the original Ranmaru as a Heroic Spirit with Nobbu’s head as his/her’s Noble Phantasm.

We also learn (or maybe this was mentioned in the event that introduced Ryouma?) that he’s basically like Emiya—he’s a Servant of the Counter-force.

I do appreciate that Mysterious Ranmaru X is an AoE Arts Avenger Servant, though. Technically, I didn’t need her since I already had Spishtar but it’s not such a bad idea to have a secondary option.

Also, when the hell are the devs gonna add Yasuke to the game already? And if/when they do add him, he better be a 5🌟 Saber, dangit!

Gacha Luck

Was… not bad but not great. I failed to nab any 5🌟 event CEs. However, I did manage to land Ryouma (Lancer), which I’m very happy with since I now have an AoE Arts Lancer—Percival and Vritra have not answered any attempts at summoning 😢.

I’m kind of disappointed about not being able to get Percival since he sort of looks like one of my characters from my webcomic, Silent Shadow. Oh well, I’m sure he’ll pop up at some point.

And that is all. Catch ya next time!

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