Free Light String Geometry Node

Free Light String Geometry Node
Light String Geometry Node

Light String is a pose-able geometry node that allows you to position it wherever you might need it. Created in Blender 4.0. May work in Blender 3.6

Available for download

To Use

  1. Go to File > Append and select the file. Navigate to Node Groups and select BulbString.
    • Alternatively, go to Collections and select the BulbString collection (you can stop here if you just want to see it in action)
  2. Add two empty objects to your scene.
  3. Add a plane or a cube. Go into edit mode and collapse into a single vertex.
  4. In Properties, click on the Modifiers tab and select Geometry Nodes.
  5. Click on the Node Trees button and select BulbString from the dropdown.
  6. Select the object that you want to use for your bulb (Object field).
  7. Select the two empties for the start and end of the string.
  8. Adjust the string sag using the available fields.
  9. Adjust the number of bulb objects you want on your string.
  10. Configure your material accordingly (see Demo Video).
  11. Emission (brightness) can be controlled from the Geonode.
Example shader node setup

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