Who am I? Well, I’m a web developer by day and an anime geek/artist/pick-a-random-subject-that-I’m-interested-in person by night.

I play Fate/Grand Order (North America server). Speaking of anything Fate-related, I also play Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star and its sequel, Fate/Extella Link.

As for my history. A long, looooong time ago I ran a fan-site called The Ronin Fortress, which was a fan-site dedicated to Ronin Warriors (Yoroiden Samurai Troopers in Japan). Which is partially where my online handle originated from—it’s a combination of characters and things from my two favorite authors at that time: Glen Cook and Mercedes Lackey). I haven’t found one that fits me better, to be honest.

The goals behind this blog are to provide a place for me to relax, share my artwork, tutorials, and occasional recipe or (most of the time) thoughts on Fate/ Grand Order. Essentially, this is a place for me to kick back and relax, and provide a little entertainment and knowledge while I’m at it.

Enjoy your stay!