Who am I? Well, I’m a programmer by day and an anime geek/artist/pick-a-random-subject-that-I’m-interested-in sort of person by night.

I avidly play Fate/Grand Order (North America server)–my FGO id is 036,271,139. Speaking of anything Fate-related, I also play Fate/Extella: Umbral Star and its sequel, Fate/Extella Link–though I’m too anti-social for multiplayer.

As for my history—well, a long long (very long) time ago, I ran a fan-site called The Ronin Fortress, which was a fan-site dedicated to Ronin Warriors (Yoroiden Samurai Troopers in Japan) Which is partially where my online handle originated from (actually it’s a combination of characters and things from my two favorite authors at that time: Glen Cook and Mercedes Lackey). I haven’t found one that fits me better, to be honest. Or at least one that isn’t crass, like some of the other handles I’ve been known to use.

The goals behind this blog are to provide a place for me to relax, share my artwork, tutorials, and occasional recipe or thoughts on self-care, with the aim being to monetize some of my artwork and tutorials.

Any way, enjoy your stay!

-Ardath k’Sheyna