Silent Shadow Scene Tests 02

Silent Shadow Scene Tests 02

Sorry to my Tumblr readers for the double-post. The WordPress to Tumblr connection only works when it wants to, it seems.


If the impression you have here from this test piece is that Syleth is a hot-head and Rowan is the voice of reason, then thank you because that’s exactly what I was going for.

That being said, I’m still working out my Toon Shader+Photo-realism setup. Some of the kinks that needs to be worked out revolve around shadow opacity, shadow terminus lines, line art (inverse hull doesn’t work well on the Aiko/Hiro3 figures), and lighting in general. I’m working on a huge write-up on my blog about the subject of Toon Shaders in Blender and my quest to develop a light-sensitive toon shader that started way back when I was using Poser.

As for my depth-mapping setup? I’ll have a post on that at some point. What I ended up doing was using an Empty as the focal spot to determine depth. Why? Because unfortunately, whatever way the vector for the camera is calculated ends up being different depending on the camera or camera-type (Orthographic or Perspective).

It makes sense but I needed something more consistent.

Till next time!

Rowan keeps Syleth from losing her shit.
Rowan keeps Syleth from losing her shit.

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