Fate Grand Order: Water Monster Crisis

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Or don’t you love it when your favorite game teaches you something new? Or even better—farm Con until…

Or don’t you love it when your favorite game teaches you something new?

Or even better—farm Con until your fingers fall off.

Surprise Welfare Servant

What wasn’t advertised about this event is the welfare Servant, Taisui Xingjun, yet another farming Alter Ego who sounds like they may have great NP looping potential but I wouldn’t know—I haven’t tried them out in any farming runs yet.

Event Mechanics

The one really irritating mechanic of the game was the number of specific types of Con (these cute little creatures below featured below) needed to open up another story chapter. It wasn’t bad in the beginning, but as time went on—whew. Unfortunately, Taisui isn’t unlockable until the story has been completed but having them in your back-line gives you a bonus on all three types. Otherwise, the bonus number is tied to the free event CE available from the event shop and the Servant class. Which sort of blows sometimes, because double Castoria is still my farming line-up of choice.

Umm, anyone got time to make a Con plushie? ‘Cause that’d be awesome. Kthxbye.


The story was fun—starts off being almost as silly as this year’s Valentine’s event—but also very cute. The whole story (and farming mechanic) centers around these little child-like creatures called Con—the info that the story drops on us early is that it means “child.” I’m guessing that would be the language spoken in Vietnam almost two-thousand years ago, which is where our twin 5-star Sabers featured in this event, called Hai Bà Trưng, hail from originally.

We learn that the Con have become food for the various water monsters that periodically invade the island but the twist is that any monsters that are killed by the Con themselves get their previously eaten comrades back.

There’s the other twin 5-star Sabers, the Dioscuri (non-limited). I currently have them sitting in my second archive as potential gold prism fodder for the future. Castor’s emo boy shtick gets on my nerves—almost as bad as Kadoc, which on that note, he returns with an obedience collar in the next chapter, Traum—which is due out in June.

So the story progresses into a series of “construction” chapters—sort of like the first summer event. Each chapter, we have to square off against a new set of water monsters, and each time we need to find new ways to arm and/or defend the Con against each group.

Eventually, we have to face off against the mermen and their boss—we destroyed one when we first arrived in the singularity. Some misdirection here. We’re led to believe that the mermen were the original cause of the singularity. They weren’t. Instead, it turned out that the creepy old perverted turtle was really a discarded Mesopotamian god called Dagon. That was the final boss—and we also learn why Eresh, Melt, and Wu Zetian were the most compatible Servants for Rayshifting.

Could’ve seen that one coming a mile away. Also, I’m thankful that the writers used Wu’s 1st Ascension art. Second Ascension and up is just gross. At least her Summer (Caster) version is a huge upgrade in comparison.

It was nice to see an event that featured Ereshkigal prominently since her debut in the Christmas 2019 event.

Samurai helmets and jack hammers would make anyone invincible.

Towards the end of the event, I got curious to know more about the Trưng sisters and learned that they were military leaders who ended up leading a rebellion against China. Their story is almost similar to that of Boudica, and with basically the same outcome. However, over the years, their story grew until they were basically deified.

How the event story ended was with the Trưng sisters succeeding at what they had felt they had failed in life—protecting the people that had come to depend on them from a stronger tyrannical power.

Gacha luck smiled upon me—even though I got a number of single-target Arts Sabers.

And now on to the second Learning with Manga Collaboration Event!

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