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Super Bunyan: Meme or Stereotype? Also, who the hell were Rider and Assassin supposed to be?* *I think…

Super Bunyan: Meme or Stereotype? Also, who the hell were Rider and Assassin supposed to be?*

*I think they were supposed to be more Daikokuten. I’m pretty Delightful Assassin was supposed to be J. Edgar Hoover. Still lost on who Delightful Rider was.

I dunno what’s up with that middle one…

We got a second Learning With Manga Collaboration Event, and the opinions on the NA server seem to match the opinions on JP. As a character, Bunyan is terrible and represents the worst stereotypes of the American social media influencer.

Considering that her Noble Phantasm is called America’s Dark Sweetheart—well, I think that says it all right there. Her 2nd Ascension art screams classic American hipster.

We do end up seeing why towards the end, though. She hated her original self and what that represented—the destruction of our eco-system in the name of progress. You don’t see that self-hatred until after she defeats Anning’s Plesiosaurus—she was supposed to lose but never does, much to her dismay.

The final fight is against her “pet” alligator, who turns out to be Mike Fink. Geez, learning new stuff about American folk-lore every day thanks to Fate Grand Order.

The whole chugging-maple-syrup thing reminds me of that Canadian lumberjack chick on Youtube. Also, there’s a part of me that wants to know what kind of wine or mead could be made from fermenting maple syrup.

More American Folk-tales

We do see a representation of Mike Fink in Bunyan’s ascension art. Riyo’s take is rather interesting but also appropriate. How Wikipedia describes him also lines up with how he’s described in Bunyan’s Bond 3 profile.

Every now and then he’ll make an inflammatory remark while she’s livestreaming, which then sparks a flame war.

Bond 3—Fate/Grand Order Fandom Wiki

I suspect that the localizers grabbed his lines word-for-word from Wikipedia. Actually, that wouldn’t surprise me. He’s mentioned as being an enemy in Fate/Grand Order in that same Wikipedia article.


One of the weirder things about this event: why was a Japanese god of fortune summoned to North America? And in possession of the Holy Grail in the form of the Takarabune—which basically turns out to be a giant movie library that suspiciously looks like Murasaki’s library back in Chaldea.

Granted—at least from the information I could dig up on Wikipedia, Daikokuten and the Takarabune aren’t necessarily linked, but I can see how the writers would create a link between the two—the Takarabune is a treasure ship (well, the treasure ship), and Daikokuten is a god of fortune and a member of one of the Seven Lucky Gods.

Daikokuten is also the god of sex, fertility, war, and all those other things that make life fun. Maybe the modern-day take would the be the god of sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll, but that’s too crass and too American—and well, probably too on-point considering where this Singularity is based 😂

I feel called out here.

So yeah—those side-projects of mine: Manga+Press, my Notion-to-WP plugin, Silent Shadow—all those side-projects I have going is probably why I was able to summon both Daikokuten and Super Bunyan, even though all I wanted were event CEs.

Unwanted gacha luck.
I hate hydras. Double Waver+Musashi for the win!

I used Habetrot for farming in both the last event and in this event. I will say this: she is a very good Arts farmer.

Event Milestones

I finally got Castoria to Bond 10. Not sure if I’ll increase the bond level or not, though.

20 Million Downloads Campaign

The 20 Million Downloads Campaign is currently running. Good luck to everyone rolling for Castoria! If you haven’t already, take advantage of the free 4🌟 Servant ticket. I ended up summoning Percival—and getting a second copy on the Castoria banner—namely because I’m lacking a good Arts Lancer. Yeah, I have Sakamoto but his NP damage is disappointing, to say the least.

Traum Incoming!

Scrounge up your saint quartz, y’all—Charlemagne and Vanyel Konstantinos XI are coming! Honestly, I might roll for Charlemagne—loved his character in Fate Extella Link. Constantine, though? Nah—his kit is specific. If I end up getting him, he may sit in my second archive next to Dioscuri as potential gold prism fodder.

Konstantinos’ art looks like Jody Lee’s depiction of Vanyel Ashkevron from Mercedes Lackey’s Heralds of Valdemar books. Before someone gets their panties in a twist and starts claiming plagiarism, this ain’t it. It’s two things: either completely coincidental or a homage. I swear, social media has made it far too easy to start bullshit witch-hunts.

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