FGO Valentine’s Event: Stupid but Fun

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Despite the tragedy that winter 2024 has turned out to be, I worked up enough energy to participate…

Despite the tragedy that winter 2024 has turned out to be, I worked up enough energy to participate in this year’s Valentine’s event. I even found enough fucks and money to roll for (and get) Bazett—to NP2, no less.

Before I got the second copy.

Of course, considering that this year’s Valentine’s Event introduces another character from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, it wouldn’t be complete without a call-out to last year’s event.

The story was meh. Not exactly what I’d call a great amount of depth to it—Valentine’s 2022 actually had a semi-serious story but last year’s and this year’s felt thrown together—once again, what we’re seeing on the NA server is the fallout from the pandemic. I never did a write-up for Tunguska, but the writing for that event felt rushed as well.

Other than the rushed feeling, I noticed one attempt by the NA localizers to insert 💩 jokes into the game. I get it. Yes, in this case perhaps “Caca” is supposed to be short for Cacao but c’mon—”caca” is Spanish for poop, and in this day and age, I’m not even sure how the localizers could have missed that.

I’m not offended or anything like that. Just surprised that it made it past QA.

Poop jokes aside, I haven’t had a chance to read Fate/Hollow Ataraxia so I have no clue on the personalities of Caren and Bazett, or their relationship. I only know the Fate/Kaleid version of Bazett. So unfortunately, some of the in-game jokes are going over my head. For one, Caren’s sus behavior—which is implied to be the norm for her.

Same. And I was dumb enough to summon Caren last year.

The last thing on my mind is that Bazett and Cu’s relationship was so hyped up in the event, that it would have been nice to see more interaction beyond the last few scenes. Also, pitting Bazett against Medb would have been awesome—laying odds on Bazett and not just because of class advantage, either.

Also, I just realized that in Bazett’s second ascension art, she doesn’t have panties at all 😂😂😂

I wouldn’t have noticed if it hadn’t been for players who are probably bigger perverts than I am!

That’s it from me! Till next time!

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