My Ultimate Farming Team

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Why you need to get Bunyan if you didn’t get her last year. First off, get ready for…

Why you need to get Bunyan if you didn’t get her last year.

If you missed last year’s event, you don’t want to miss out on getting Bunyan this year!

First off, get ready for last year’s Learning with Manga! event, which is in time for the 4th of July (similar to last year :D). For some reason, I thought the event ran later in the summer last year, but apparently not. (I’m having a hard time remember what happened last summer after July 15th—all things considered, I don’t want to remember last summer but I digress).

Anyway, if you missed last year’s event, I highly recommend participating and getting ⭐ Paul Bunyan for a number of reasons, the biggest being that she makes an awesome farming unit, especially when used with Arash and Merlin, as demonstrated in the following videos I’ve put together.

Arash (Merlin) + Kiyo + Bunyan QP Farming
Ember farming with Arash and Bunyan.

Note: Samsung’s “new” screen-recorder tool is hot garbage. The original one that was part of the game-bar was way better.

I did finish Lostbelt 2 this past weekend, and I was going to include thoughts in this post, but then I reconsidered. Best to keep that for a separate post 🙂

Finally, that redesign? It’s coming…slowly…but it’s coming. Between work, and fixing up the house (my boyfriend and I purchased a dump late last summer), it’s been nuts. Also didn’t help that Mother Nature decided to place a fucking dome of swampy hot air over Minnesota for the next two weeks.

Till next time!

Edited: I referenced Lostbelt 3 for some reason, which isn’t due until around Thanksgiving.

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