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Progressing through the missions, brainstorming ideas on how to make Melt's penguin parka, and

But the Farming Really Bites.

Been so busy farming for QP. I regret not farming for Bella Lisa when I had the chance. I’m using support Bella Lisa and my own Mona Lisa, but it’s a slog. I’m nearly to the 6th Casino. I’m also more than half-way through the missions, which is pretty good progress. Thankfully, having a few days off allowed me to get through the early missions quickly. I’ve been strictly prioritizing QP drops over event currency, similar to the three points ladders in the Summer 2020 event.

Edit: I got that final 170M before the 6th Casino opened last night. I honestly thought I was behind—thought that the 6th Casino opened Friday night, not Saturday night.

So we’re not gonna talk about how Musashi’s toes are missing?

Ya know something? I kind of—almost—well, not really—feel bad for the beat-down I’m about to deliver to this under-powered mook. With Musashi and Hokusai, this wasn’t even a challenge.

Running Through the Big Chance and Fever Quests

These are the quests that you need QP (+2M) to enter, and you won’t get back if you withdraw or lose.

The first one was easy. The second (Vlad, Hans, and Paracelsus) was a freakin’ pain. I would have lost that one if I didn’t have the foresight to use command-spells to charge NPs and restore health-bars. Tl’dr, I ran in blind.

There’s a third Big Chance that’s supposed to be the final one in the event. I probably won’t do that quest—at least until I can develop a better strategy.

What About Fever Quests Anyway?

There’s one guide—Lord Ashura’s—that says not to do all of the Fever Quests, except for the VIP Fever Quests until you have all copies of Heavenly Demonic Princess. I didn’t see that so we’ll see how that affects my progress. Basically, I’ve been doing every one, and running the VIP ones multiple times to get that extra boost in QP.

Pro-tip: get Heavenly Demon Princess MLB’d quickly. That CE provides additional QP by increasing Dancing Coin enemies.

And About Those Free Quests?

On the normal higher level VIP Free Quests, I’ve got my 3-turn rhythm down. A variation on my Ember farming team: Arash+Summer Musashi+Summer Jeanne Alter (or Jeanne (Archer), with Imaginary Element and Kaleidoscopes. Merlin comes in for additional NP charge once Arash dies, and I can finish the last two turns with Musashi and Jeanne Alter—provided I can get a Jalter brave-chain, and/or if there’s more than two enemies. If that happens, then an extra turn.

With Mona Lisa and Bella Lisa (support), I’m still pulling in +1.5M QP per run. Sometimes, I manage to get +2M on the VIP Free Quests (if I get the spawn bonus), and normally 3 to 4M on the VIP Fever Quests. I’m probably making better progress than I think—I just wish there was a way to speed it up 😭

Bond Level Updates

Apparently Arash and Merlin are in a race to see who gets max bonded first in this event. Will keep y’all updated on that one! I’m laying even odds on Merlin, though. He actually has a bond level bonus for this event, while Arash is only getting the bond level bonus provided by Mash.

Once the event is done (and provided I have enough mats) I really need to finish leveling Merlin’s skills.

My Thoughts on Summer Musashi

Gamepress gives her a B—which is understandable because of her ‘Zerker class. I’d give her an A, honestly. With a boost to EX once Castoria comes out next summer.

Not fully maxed yet, but she is at max ascension and all three skills are at Lv. 6—enough for wave-clearing through this event. Once the event is done, I’ll spend time getting her completely maxed out.

Honestly, I’m happy I got her. Other than that she’s a ‘Zerker, and rather fragile as a result, I find myself using her for wave-clearing through this event.

When combined with Tropical Summer’s second skill—yep, still using this Mystic Code even though it’s completely leveled—I’m either able to get an NP on the next turn, or the turn after. A lot of it depends on stars and card placement, though. For instance, if I can get her two Arts cards behind her NP and enough stars to get both cards to >80%, then she can launch another NP on the next turn. Some times, I can get back-to-back NPs even when I get one of her Arts card and her Quick card. In some runs, I didn’t even need Tropical Summer for her to get back-to-back NPs—all I needed was her second skill, Fifth Zenith, to generate the hits needed to refill her NP bar back to 100%.

Methinks I’ll do some more testing to confirm what’s needed for back-to-back NPs. It would be even better if I can manage without Tropical Summer.

🤞🏽 Pleeeeeeeessseeeee Gacha Luck—be kind and let me get one more copy. Two more would be nice, but I’ll settle for NP2🤞🏽

Thoughts on Summer Hokusai (So far)

Gamepress’ rating is A, and I agree with that rating. Similar to Summer Musashi, I can get back-to-back NPs out of Hokusai. Like S.Musashi, I’d upgrade Hokusai’s rating to EX once Castoria is released.

I maxed out Hokusai’s level for this event, but I haven’t touched her skills yet. I likely won’t level her skills until after she becomes a permanent member of my team. Like Musashi, I plan to run some tests and see what it takes to get back-to-back NPs out of Hokusai without needing Tropical Summer.

Summoning Campaign 2

I rolled when I said I wouldn’t.

Mysterious Alter Ego Lambda aka Melt Lancer
I want her parka so bad

The Artoria (Ruler) banner just dropped. Against my better judgement, I decided to roll this banner. I was right about my luck being I get an SSR every other event. To be honest, I went in without really having much hope of getting Artoria (Ruler). I got Summer Musashi from the first summoning campaign, and that should be enough—though it would be nice if I could get her to NP2 or 3. So, later in the event, I’ll roll the Summoning 1 banner again to see if I can produce a copy or two of Musashi—heck, I already got Poggers Queen at NP3.

As for that roll I said I wasn’t going to do—let’s just say that it produced a lot of green prisms, but I did get Melt Lancer!

I do really want Melt’s parka. I keep staring at it, trying to tease a sewing pattern out of the image. Hoodies themselves aren’t that hard to do, especially if you’re just using fleece. However, if you’re doing an honest-to-god/holds-up-to-an-Alaska-winter parka, that increases the difficulty quite a bit. For one, it seems like the material (GORE-TEX or something similar) you’d need likely isn’t available at Jo-Ann’s or Hancock Fabrics (or even Wally World’s fabric section). Two, even if it was, you might not be able to use a standard sewing machine 🤷🏽‍♀️ It’s a thought, though. I’m sure someone has already come up with a pattern, and it probably won’t stop me from making a Comfy-style one out of fleece.*puts that on todo craft-list for this winter*

A few lulzy moments from the game so far.

Carmilla: "Deep-fried butter? Is that...even safe to eat?"
I’m surprised that this hasn’t turned up at the Minnesota State Fair yet.

Apparently, deep-fried butter originated in Texas—the ’09 Texas State Fair, to be exact (somehow, that doesn’t surprise me 😂). The confectionery version that Mash talks about actually came from the Iowa State Fair in 2011, and is served on a stick. Finally, there’s another version from California that’s called the “Coronary Combo” that involves bacon and chocolate (yeah…I think I’ll give a hard-pass to that one). Reading through the dialog at this point, I started gagging because it reminded me of that commercial that lands around the holidays, the one that features a woman eating a stick of butter while sitting on a couch *starts to dry-heave*

Meanwhile, I have a recipe plug for a matcha mug cake, if anyone is interested 😉

I’m also reminded that the Great Minnesota Get-Together is in roughly two weeks. Eh, it might as well be called the “Great Minnesota Eat-Together” 🐽 Not that I particularly care. I mean, I grew up here but never once have I ever gone to the state fair. Basically, too expensive and I hate crowds. I’m chubby enough without throwing in the fair food, too.

So how many fetishes does Blackbeard have? Do we even want to know at this point?

I’d hope that the younger players don’t know what this means. Considering that a lot of kids have unfettered access to the internet nowadays, I’m sure a good many do.

Should we even go here? Yeah, I didn’t think so 🤣

Younger me when the creepers decide to 🤬 with me on the *MTC when I had a particularly bad night at work.

Atalante’s line would probably be something like “Before you go any further, best know that today is not the day and I am not the one.” This was the little side-story where Jalter and Atalante Alter learned that they suck at gambling. Some of the dialog was a bit too real, because everyone knows that their gacha luck is shit.

*MTC: what’s known as “The Bus” aka public transportation in Minneapolis

Yeah, like the feeling I got from my last two rolls after I got Melt Lancer. Should’ve called it quits then but noooooo, I had to keep going. Eh, at least the green prisms are useful.

Of course, they all go to the bar to drown their sorrows and Mash gets “drunk” off a mock-tail and then hilarity ensues. That’s all I’m going to say for now. I wouldn’t want to spoil it for y’all if you haven’t gotten to this point yet.

Aneeeway…I need to get back to house-stuff before I complete 6th Casino. Gotta make up for slacking off yesterday, at least.

Till next time!

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