Fighting in the Championship

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Fighting in the Championship — EX- rank gacha luck, and thoughts on the story so far

So far, two days into the Summer 2021 Fate/GO event, otherwise known as Las Vegas Championship Match: Seven Duels of Swordbeauties! Trying out a different format for my Fate Grand Order posts. Instead of doing one huge retrospective at the end of the event, I’m going to post progress as I go—and try to remember to do screen-recordings of my fights.

Gacha Luck: Nani dafuq?!? (translate: EX-)

First roll of the event is always looking for event CEs. Took me three rolls before I got stuff I could work with. Ironically enough, those three rolls also gave me Osakabehime (Archer) x 2, Carmilla (Rider), AND ‘Zerkersashi (Berserker Musashi—that nickname sounded better in my head). I also managed two copies of Welcome Bunny, five copies of Purple Eyes (may limit-break if space becomes an issue during farming), and three copies of Summer Enma-tei. I’m pausing on rolls until the next round of Servants for this event come out.

Event Progress So Far

The story of Las Vegas Championship is basically a light-hearted version of Shimousa, complete with forced line-ups. In the boss-fights, you have to front-line Hokusai (Saber). Of course, if you have the plug-suit you can move her to the back-line. Another element is you’re only allowed 4 slots that also includes the support. Basically, things you’ll need to be aware of to plan accordingly.

I’m past Casino Himeji now. I defeated Osakabehime’s team, which is by far the easiest fight in the event. One- or two-turns with AoE Berserkers. On the final fight, used a support Waver plus Kagetora (to take out Osakabe on her second breakbar), and Kiyohime to clean up the first turn.

I’ve leveled Hokusai to the max, so now I’m invested in finishing the event but I’ll also have her ready for other fights down the line. I’ll wait on leveling her skills until after the event, though.

Finally, I’m all caught up on the farming before the next casino opens. I’m going to keep farming QP until then.

Story Funny Moments

Kotarou is downright savage when it comes to Blackbeard’s lack of hygiene. Granted, I can see Blackbeard being the type of person who doesn’t bath regularly.

Gacha PTSD is a real thing. My right eye starts to twitch every time I see that guy *remembers the Christmas 2019 banner*

Go away you freakin’ creeper. You know how many times I got Fionn during the Ereshkigal banner? More times than I can count. Yes, I burned every last copy, too. At least I had like 20 gold prisms when all was said and done. I feel sorry for the folks who are whaling for Mysterious Alter Ego Λ. They’re gonna see a lot of Fionn, and likely develop the same level of hatred for his mug that I did when I was trying to get Eresh. Well, hatred or gacha PTSD—take your pick.

I got nuthin’ for this one. Instead, let’s talk about the folks who are losing their shit and quitting the game over one of Osakabehime’s voice-lines. Apparently, she says “Poggers.” *yeah, big effin’ deal* If you ask me, it’s a cover. Some are probably secretly butt-hurt by their gacha rolls. Or probably because Osakabehime started flirting with Master right in front of Mash

Osakabe may wanna watch out. Mash looks ready to cut a bitch 😁

Got me some free Saint Quartz: the stuff of dreams, or immense butt-hurt. Take your pick. Of course, a good portion of her bond level was built up during the Summer 2020 rerun. I really do need to change her Ascension art, though. Final Ascension looks more like a Christmas outfit.

That’s it for me. Back to farming until the next casino fight opens up!

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