All about the Servant⭐️Fes 2020 Rerun! Even in Revival events, the grind is still real 😫

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It’s all over ‘cept for the farming.

We’re down to the last few days of the Servant⭐️Fes 2020 rerun. Hope everyone has managed to get their copies of ‘Zerker Jalter, the dress keys for their favorite Servants, and the Command Codes—or the Gold Prisms if you got them last year.

Some obligatory background music

One thing I love about rerun events is that you already have the CEs needed for the event. Not as much money spent on the gacha trying to get those currency CEs. On that note, I forgot about how much I actually liked the story from last year. Ironically, I also forgot about the amount of grinding one had to do to unlock chapters in the story.

Too. Much. Grinding

But at least I finished all three points ladders this time 🙌🏽

I complained about the grindiness of this event last year. While the rerun was a little shorter, and the points bonus was bumped up, that did not change just how much grinding you have to do to get the day/night cycles lined up. By the time I finished with the raids, and got to the last story chapter, I realized that I was burned out. I was only at 700k for each points ladder, and I wasn’t sure just how much I’d want to keep going.

I will say with a fully leveled Jalter Berserker, the raids were easier to deal with. Most times, I could kill the boss within three turns so instead of the two days it took last year, I had the raids finished within a couple of hours.

The Grinding Never Stops

Speaking of other forms of grinding, I realized that I’ve been blogging A FREAKING LOT these last few weeks. The next post about Las Vegas Official Bout is likely going to be the last one that I do in that long format. I’ll go back to the format I used for Case Files and GudaGuda 4. After Las Vegas, the next major event after the fall reruns is Saber Wars II in late October. I may take a break from blogging about Fate Grand Order with the fall rerun events, and plan out my posts better.

What to do with those Doujin CEs?

Burn ’em for QP, keep ’em because you like the artwork, or use them to level up other craft essences. I recently maxed out Holy Night Super (the craft essence I use the most with Chloe, Musashi (Saber), Jeanne Alter (Avenger)). Now I’m focusing on Aerial Drive—the Buster up/NP 50% event CE from the Halloween 2019 event. Aerial Drive tends to get used with my Buster Servants: Artoria, Ishtar, and Tomoe Gozen.

As for leveling anything right now, I’m trying to hold off until after the Las Vegas Championship event. I did finally max out Ishtar’s second skill just so I could get the 50% NP boost (having it at 47% was a little annoying).

Gacha Luck: A or EX-?

I have no clue how one would rate this roll. A lot of good stuff mixed in with 3🌟 (green prisms *cough*) or non-event-related 4🌟 materials. My luck in getting 5🌟 event CEs for this particular event sucked last year, and this year is no different. However, last year I got Jeanne (Archer) and Ushi (Assassin). This roll, I got two more copies of Jeanne (so NP3 now), plus two copies of Ibaraki (Lancer).

I managed to get ONE—singular—5🌟 event CE this year. Rest of my is getting saved for Summer 2021.

Then the gacha luck got really weird. Valkyrie actually came from one of my first rolls at the start of the event while fishing for more event CEs. Then later one came the infamous Medb spook. Finally, on a bunch of single rolls. MHXX decides to spook me as well.

All things considered, I’d have to rate my luck at A. It would be EX rank if I grabbed MHXX and BB (Summer), but honestly I’m happy with what I’ve got—even if I did get spooked by Medb. But now, I have SRs that I want to level, but I don’t dare touch my QP stash until after the Las Vegas event.

Speaking of Las Vegas—I really want ‘Zerker Musashi but I’m in the air about just how much. There’s a strong part of me that would rather wait for Space Ishtar in October, and then try my luck with the New Year’s summons. We’ll see, though.

Notable Bond-level Increases

One thing that’s awesome about events that have bond-level bonuses—you can get your Servant’s bond-levels up faster.

Ishtar’s bond-level is slowly inching up there. Not sure if she’s going to be my first SSR to reach bond level 10, though. I think Merlin, Musashi, and Okita Alter are all in the running so we’ll see.

Here I am, slowly getting my master level up. I’ll probably reach Level 140 by the end of the year at this rate. Granted, if I hadn’t been lazy and got the earlier Master EXP Up CEs, I’d probably be past 140 already.

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