I Survived the Servant⭐️Fes 2020 Rerun

| By Jess

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Servant⭐Fes 2020: Jokes and Out of Context Moments

One thing I forgot from last year was the number of one-liners and other joke material that made the story so enjoyable. Mordred in particular had some good ones: “You rang, assface” and “You get right the hell out” are among my top two favorite Mordred lines. That rather infamous line from the Apocrypha event (I’m sure there’s hentai of it somewhere) rates up there as well. *Sometimes, I don’t think Mordred actually listens to herself when she talks.*

I gotta wonder what Blackbeard would make of Furry Force. Would he be horrified? Curious? Horrified but secretly—never-mind, you get the point. *yeah, so not linking or embedding any videos. Y’all gonna have to use Google to find it*

As much as I want to throw shade at spam (me being from Minnesota), spam musubi is very easy to make and I’ve heard that it’s very tasty. Willing to bet that it’s the saltiness of the spam pairing up with the seasoned rice. I’ll have to try making it sometime 😃

Spam—and Kris Lindahl—are two things that Minnesota needs to apologize to the country and the rest of the world for.

Shout out to Musashi here—who gets a spotlight in this year’s summer event

Udon is literally my favorite noodle to use in soups—particularly chicken soup. Last summer, during the height of the pandemic, the bf and I got sick. No, thankfully it was not COVID but just a cold that hit harder due to the isolation. Anyway, knowing that we were well on the way to getting sick, I got a bunch of chicken breasts, made up a mirepoix, combined with beneficial cold-fighting herbs and spices (usually garlic, parsley, thyme among other things) plus some chicken broth. I tossed it all in my Instant Pot and used the slow-cooker function. Added udon noodles at the end, and I swear it was best damned chicken soup I’ve ever had 😀 Maybe I’ll remember the recipe some day and share it.

Probably because most Casters are just weird, lonely introverts?

So we’re not gonna talk about Gilles and his Jeanne fetish? Considering that Jeanne (Archer) threatened to pop his eyes like ping-pong balls, it’s probably best that we don’t.

Deadline Jokes Are 👌🏽

I can tell ya from experience that yes, this is what a deadline feels like.

Describes 20-something me and every dirty thought or joke that crossed my mind, I just had to blurt out. I was 25 and still had the mentality of a 12-year-old boy. *Like Mordred, I never listened to myself when talking so…*

Not sure if Medb even understands the '90s
The ’90s clapped back: says get your decade right.

Well, the conceited mean girl act is such a ’90s cliche so perhaps Medb’s entire attitude needs to go back to the ’90s. Her dominatrix personality was better in the Summer 2019 event anyway.

She 🤬 Spooked Me—WTF?!

Gacha luck, amiright?

One of my last rolls for this event, she actually spooked me. The bitch actually—fucking—spooked—me. Like what the fuck? All I wanted was another 5🌟 event CE for farming gold currency. No, I didn’t burn her for gold prisms like I’d threatened to do last year. *sigh* I’d actually level her for her charm skill but Euryale and Stheno are better, and I already have Euryale at Level 90. I suppose Medb would be good against Lancer enemies, yet I actually have Tamamo (Lancer) so basically, Medb (Saber) is probably going to languish in my second archive until I need gold prisms. Honestly, it feels like I’d have to throw two grails her way to get some use out of her, and I have other Servants that are a bigger priority.

As for the Medb/Cu Culainn fight, I did it the correct way by bringing Chloe to one-shot Medb on the first turn, and Musashi with a Sure-Hit CE (event CE 5🌟 Water Shine) to take care of Cu no matter how many times he used Protection from Arrows. Killed that boss-fight within three or four turns. This was where I learned that Blue Splash would work in conjunction with Fifth Force to get Musashi’s NP* ready.

*You know, that scary guy with four swords that Musashi summons, according to Oryou? (I love Oryou—she seriously cracks me up 🤣)

Last year, I was too quick to be a smart-ass by using Tomoe to counter Medb because I wanted to see the “Thot-Toss” that I just had to do a video for.

And Finally Las Vegas

Wonders if the Queen of Sheba will make an appearance in this summer’s event?

Throwing a shout-out to this summer’s event. Stick around for another three weeks of grinding—this time for QP—with this year’s Summer Event: Las Vegas Championship Match!

Till next time!

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