FGO 4th Anniversary Event Wrap-up

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A quick summary of the Fate Grand Order 4th Anniversary event, and what I did for most of it—which was basically nothing other than collect rewards.

We’re now down to the last few hours of the highly profitable 4th Anniversary event. Here’s my quick summary of my progress through the event. The event opened by basically throwing at you—from the first 60, to however many you get for finishing free quests. I was up to 270 sq—probably the most I’ve ever had at any given point since I started playing.

While we (the bf and I) were road-tripping our way through Minnesota’s North Shore, Fate/GO experienced extended maintenance, starting around 1pm CDT ( I would have been in Two Harbors with 💩 internet at that time). Nothing lasts forever, and that includes Unlimited Maintenance Works. From the sound of things, it finally came to end—likely around the time we were on our way back.

4th Anniversary is practically throwing saint quartz at us. This is awesome.
It’s raining saint quartz!

FGO 4th Anniversary Guaranteed Gacha

After the post-maintenance shenanigans (servers timing out and refusing to connect). I decided to give things a rest, and wait for morning since I was so dragged out from yesterday’s road-trip. Waiting until morning turned out to be a good idea, because the servers were basically still getting pounded from everyone logging in to collect the event drops, and play the challenge quests. By morning, things had quieted down somewhat, though I’m still noticing some lag in the game.

So, I rolled Sunday morning—and got the usual salt + an SSR. Went back on my goal of rolling the Cavalry banner and rolled the Knight banner instead. And got another Archer…

I didn’t get my hopes up—which is key, methinks, when dealing with gacha games. At any rate, while I feel like I have too many Archers as it is, this does work out since I actually have Holmes already. So far, so good, I’m really starting to enjoy the 4th Anniversary event

4th Anniversary Only: Special Ascension

This feature will only be around for 90 days, so best make use of it soon. I used this opportunity to get Demon King Nobunaga to level 80. Of course, I had to do the leg-work to get her to Level 90. Thankfully, there was 100 4🌟 Embers in the Shop for that purpose

Level 90 w00t!

I’m still sitting in QP and Gold Gem hell, though. At least I have all the mats needed to level her skills to 10

1/4 AP Free Main Quests

Take this opportunity to clear out as much of your free quests as you can. While there’s no time limit on the missions, the 1/4 AP on Free Main quests will only last until the 14th. I’m slowly making my way through because of course, I want more

Challenge Quests

Except for the first two quests, I skipped them. I tried the Agartha quest, but gave up after two runs. Now I remember why I hated Scheherazade. The original fight was a fucking pain in the ass, and the main single-target Rider I had at the time was Quetzalcoatl, who of course has the King attribute. If I’d taken more time to get Sakamoto’s skills to level 6, I could have used him but… Ah well. Other than the summon tickets, not a big deal. I’ve usually skipped the challenge quests in the past anyway.

Summer Servant⭐Fes 2020 Rerun

The Summer 2020 Rerun is well under way. If you didn’t grab Jeanne Alter (Berserker) last summer, here’s your last chance. When paired with Merlin and Waver, and the right Command Codes, she puts out a tremendous amount of damage. In the raids during the Case Files event, I was able to single-turn Barbatos using her NP (almost) every time.

Summer 2021: Las Vegas Official Bout Is Coming!

This year’s much-anticipated summer event is coming—likely on the heels of Summer 2020 rerun event. This event will feature a new welfare Servant: Katsushika Hokusai (Saber).

Will there be a figma version?

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