I Survived the Servant⭐️Fes 2020 Rerun

| By Jess

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Thoughts on Tropical Summer

I was right about this Mystic Code helping Arts-based Servants NP loop. I tried it out with Chloe, Kagetora, and Summer Jeanne, and each time I was able to fire off another NP on the next turn or the turn after. So not always a perfect loop, but you get damned close. I know that I got two back-to-back NPs out of Summer Artoria (Archer) last year.

Ironically enough, Squirtoria was my first SSR when I started playing the game back in August ’18).

The NP-looping comes from the boost on star-gathering—the Mystic Code’s second skill: Surprise Water. While the skill increases star gather rates up to 10k (I have it leveled at 9 now), whether or not you get a full 100% on the chosen Servant’s Arts cards is still going to depend on how many stars you collected on the previous turn. That can be difficult if you don’t have any means of generating the stars you need (outside of Chloe’s Kissing Freak skill), or if you’re running the Rider nodes with those 🤬🤬🤬🤬 Aloha Girls. Anyway, regardless of the enemies you’re facing, you’d need another Servant, Command Cards, or a CE like Fragment of 2030 providing star-drop boosts.

I’ve actually used Surprise Water on Musashi, in combination with her Fifth Force skill to get her NP up faster. Of course, that all depends on how many stars were dropped on the previous turn.

What shit-head sadist of a dev came up with a skill called “Embezzle” anyway? On the other hand, being a dev (web) myself, I gotta hand it to them. That’s some God-tier user-trolling right there.

Blue Splash is useful even if the Servant doesn’t have an Arts NP because it also provides an NP strength up boost.

As for Safety Oil, that one is very situational. It’s supposed to stop buffs from being removed from your Servant but the problem is you have to know exactly when buff-removal is going to happen, which really only makes it useful for certain boss fights where buff removal happens on bar-break.

With that, sit back and enjoy the OOC moments of Servant⭐Fes 2020.

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