Burned Out From The Farming

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Welcome to farming hell, but at least I got Hokusai!

The Las Vegas Championship Match event has probably been one of the easiest mission-based events in FGO that I’ve participated in. That being the case, I found it difficult to care enough to farm more QP during the event’s last days. The other reason that I haven’t been farming as much is that the Silent Shadow plot bunnies started multiplying and having babies of their own shortly after the Summer 2020 rerun.

📝Silent Shadow was an action-adventure/urban fantasy web-comic that I started way back in 2005, but progress sort of fell by the wayside due to school, and then later on, life and work. I did finish the first part in short-story form in 2017, but subsequently re-reading it afterwords, I realized that the story was pretty weak and that you didn’t really get a sense of the personalities of Syleth, Kestrel, and Rowan beyond a certain sense of duty and needing to take down a bad guy. Late in 2019, I started the process of reworking the first story, and planning out the second story—which I now realize that considering the events that take place in that story, it really should be the third (and final) story in the first arc. Any way…

Progress: Servant Leveling

I got Saber Hokusai leveled (lvl 80 10/6/10), and ‘Zerker Musashi is close to be being completely leveled (86 6/6/6). Since it’s more expensive QP-wise to level SSRs, I’ll have to selectively level Musashi’s skills one at a time. Fifth Force will likely take priority. As for which skill to max next, it’s tied between Accel Turn B and Heavenly Demon’s Gaze EX. They both have points for getting leveled next—Accel Turn B would be for the crit boost more than the cool-down on the Evade. To finish leveling her main two skills is going to cost me 94M QP and a bunch of mats that I’m sure I don’t have in the quantities needed (I’m short on Shields, for instance).

I haven’t started on the other Servants yet. Basically, I realized that trying to level more than two at a time is recipe for burnout (at least in my case).

About Those Arts Looping Videos

Either it was a case of forgetting to start the screen-recorder, or those times when I did, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. At first glance, though—it does look like you need some form of external Arts support for both Hokusai and Musashi to loop. For now, that either means using Tropical Summer or including OG Tamamo in my line-up. What I’m seeing as a potentially working: Mash+OG Tamamo+DPS (Hokusai or Musashi). I’m still compiling them, and I’ll release videos in another post.

Gacha Luck: A

I got Osakabehime (Archer) x 3, Carmilla (Rider), and Lambdaryllis (Melt Lancer), plus Summer Musashi. Subsequent rolls after gave me more event CEs but a shit-ton of salt, so I stopped rolling until the last two days of the event. I was trying to get additional copies of Summer Musashi for NP2 or NP3 (somehow, I got lucky and ended up with an NP3 Summer Jeanne in the last event). I didn’t bother with rolling the Okita (Assassin) banner, except for once. Which that was the roll that produced Melt (Lancer). I didn’t want another SSR (I have my hands full raising the ones I have), and there’s always next year. On that note, at least I have enough MLB event CEs for next year’s rerun as well.

What’s Next?

Fall events are coming, and with them, lotteries. Which is good because the lotteries are usually the easiest to farm. We should have a two/three week break before the Gilfest rerun starts. Afterwards, we’ll have the Oniland rerun, then Saber Wars II. I’m trying for Space Ishtar🤞🏽, just so I can add her to my Avenger farm.

What else is next is my break from blogging about Fate/GO. Gilfest and Oniland are reruns, and I didn’t really blog that much about them last year so I may pass on a major blog-post, other than a short update on my progress. After the exhaustion I suffered from the large blog-posts I did for the two Summer events, I’m going to adjust my format. Leave it at the basics—other sites have guides and the type of goodies you’ll expect from a given event, and I just link to those anyway.

The biggest driving factor for a Fate/GO semi-hiatus, are the Silent Shadow plot-bunnies that keep multiplying and escaping their corrals. I’ve been writing a lot this last week—mostly notes and snippets of short-stories—as a means of getting just who the characters are down, their personalities, motivations, etc. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that any time you introduce a character—no matter how minor or even if they’re just there for the protagonist to interact with—it’s best to get a good description of who they are so they don’t seem artificial.

Anyway, till next time!

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