Progress, Fall Events, and Theme Changes

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Silent Shadow Writing Progress

You’ve likely noticed that I went silent shortly after I completed the Summer 2021 event. Well, that’s because I’ve been writing like crazy, creating synopsis, short-stories, and filling out character bios. Yes, this is all for Silent Shadow. The stories first, then a manga format later is my plan. I still can’t say when everything will be ready for release, though. I’m still up in the air about completing the current series that I started way back in 2005—Hawk & Wolf is currently undergoing an extreme revision, for instance, while I’m also in the process of writing the second story in the first series, which I’m calling Firestorm. Then there is a prequel series I have planned that clarifies things that happen in the first series.

Just—wow. I’ve done so much since the plot bunnies first popped out two weeks ago, that it’s just unbelievable how far I’ve come. Honestly, I owe it all to Notion, which turned out to be the perfect tool for me to get all of the characters, stories, arcs, etc., together in one place. Then I started a plot synopsis for the first story in the prequel series, and well, it grew to being more than just a plot synopsis. Basically, I wrote what looks like two or three chapters, based on the word-count-per-chapter estimate of 5,000 words (~13,000 words at last count).

Fate/GO Fall Event: Battle in New York 2021

Gilfest has been announced. I’m still taking a break from Fate/GO, even though I’ve been logging in regularly to get the daily log in bonuses. I should spend some time farming embers, but I just don’t feel like it at the moment 😅

Possible Theme Update

While writing, I noticed that using dark themes generally reduced my eye strain. A number of popular sites have introduced a dark mode toggle, Github for instance. It got me to thinking about doing something similar for this site. Possibly, there’ll be some LocalStorage manipulation because it’s the type of thing that you want users to be able to save. It also got me to thinking about a dark-mode WordPress admin theme.

All these plans and ideas, and not enough time.

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