Since the Fate/Apocrypha Event is Ending…

Since the Fate/Apocrypha Event is Ending…

I will say that it was a very fun event, but I am disappointed that I didn’t get to participate in the raids as much as I did with the Onigashima or Rashomon events last year.

tl’dr: had to flush the water heater AND fix the shower—and then the water heater started leaking so had to replace it 🙁 It’s been a busy week.

Anywho, planning to farm the last few hours once I’m done with work. Also, may post a few videos now that I figured out where the screen-recording tool was hidden after the last update (seriously, fuck you Samsung for that one).

Also, completely unrelated but there’s a redesign coming in a few weeks so stay tuned for that!


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