First off, last summer’s rerun event starts this weekend! With that being said, it means that the both the Anniversary and All The Statesmens events are coming to an end (if you haven’t grabbed Bunyan yet, you still have some time). Reminds me that I need to finish up the challenge quests and get those extra summon tickets. I’ve been lazy 😀

If you missed out on last year’s event, here’s your chance to get Ishtar (Rider)!

Funny story (well, not really). Last summer, I got Saber Fran and accidentally burned her while getting rid of 3-star servants and CEs ⭐️quietly weeps⭐️ In my defense, I was sleep-fogged and holed up in a shitty hotel room with a stressed-out/despondent boyfriend and two scared kitties.

Second, as an ode to this (and last) summer, I’m releasing a Poser freebie this weekend. I actually started working on this a few weeks before our…yeah, don’t want to talk about that…last summer. I finished it (well, sort of) this past spring, but I’ve been lazy about getting it ready for download. Anyway…

My very first attempt at 3D modeling in Blender last summer. I decided on doing my interpretation of Scathach (Assassin)’s bikini from the 2018 Summer Event. There was (and is) more that I wanted to add to it, and I probably will in the near future but I wanted this out there because it’s been a year, and there is so much unfinished from last year, that even getting the little things tied up seems like a huge accomplishment.

My current Events Support line-up:

Which will be updated with the appropriate event Craft Essences sometime before the maintenance hits. God knows I have plenty of them!

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