Of Revival Events, Being Sick, and failing deadlines

Of Revival Events, Being Sick, and failing deadlines

So, weekend before last kicked off the 2019 FGO Summer Revival event. I was also supposed to release a Poser add-on that I had been working on since last summer. Well, that didn’t go through.

Basically, the entire household got sick. Thankfully, not COVID—I’m not sure how we dodged that particular bullet, but somehow, we did. And as if being sick with some kind of respiratory virus wasn’t bad enough, we had to pack up the cats and leave the house due to an imminent tornado (which never touched down, thankfully), and that day was stinking humid and hot—during which I decided to make a huge pot of chicken udon soup because we were both either sick or in the process of getting sick.

Then this past weekend—besides once again being grossly hot and humid—I ended up being in a creative funk; redesigning the site (and adding new components and functionality), and had a 5 hour road trip with the boyfriend because this past weekend marked the anniversary of last year’s house fire. Neither of us wanted to be home for that.

Through all of this, I’ve been playing—mostly farming for mats and cleaning out the event shops because I already have Ishtar (Rider) from last year. Managed to limit break the event shop CEs from last year, so that’s a plus.

I’m hoping to get some more farming time in before the event is done late Saturday night.

And I’m still low on dragon’s teeth cries in Quetz

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