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No one likes North Dakota, not even the people that live there.

I almost peed myself laughing at this part. Honestly, I have coworkers and acquaintances from North Dakota, and they all have said roughly the same thing about NoDak. One person—my sister, actually—described it as incredibly flat and nothing but fields of sugar-beets and beans. Of course, I suspect that she was referring to the area around Fargo, which is a flood-plain. Originally, Lake Agassiz from the last ice age, the Red River flows through that flood-plain and every few years, the area floods catastrophically. But I digress here.

Throw in hipsters, pizza, and urine and you have Minneapolis.

There are some honorable mentions, like the constant reference to Hamburg Steak—curse you Bunyan, Jack, and Nursery Rhyme! Now I want to make some 😢weeps in hot, humid weather😭 On a serious note, here’s a recipe for Hamburg Steak that I use occasionally. When it’s cooler outside rubs hands together

Whew…this was a lot. I think I’m going to wrap up here. So basically, if you’re new, or you somehow just didn’t participate in last year’s event, you have like 5 or 6 days to do so and get all 5 copies of Bunyan. Unlike other events, this event is particularly easy to power through. The hardest fight is basically the Goddess Columbia (Altera) fight and if you have Kuro or Tomoe, or any ST Archer, it won’t be hard to eliminate her in one or two turns.

Come on, Masters! What are you waiting for? Give this young Servant a home already!

Upcoming Summer Events

Finally, the next event is another revival event—last year’s Summer Event, which features a welfare servant, Rider Ishtar.

If you missed out last summer, definitely participate this year as Rider Ishtar offers up a few skills that make her a pretty decent support unit, and she has a Quick AoE Noble Phantasm as well, for those of you who have managed to pick up Skadi.

A few weeks after that is this summer’s event with another welfare, this time Berserker Jalter, which I’m really looking forward to! Below is a review of Summer Jalter (totally not connected to me in any way, shape or form) that highlights why she’ll be a good addition to any Master’s roster.

And that’s it—finally!

Thanks for sitting through this entire post, and I hope you enjoyed it! Eventually, I’ll get around to the Lostbelt 2 wrapup/thoughts, and that stupid redesign.

Till next time!

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