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Now about that social commentary…

You ventured here anyway, even though I warned you not to. Oh well… Now’s your chance. If you’re brave, though. Continue on.

✊🏿 right there with ya.

Honestly, in my opinion, I think the social commentary about America’s past and continuing struggles with the treatment of minorities was very tastefully done. It wasn’t a punch-in-the-face like some episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation (S3E4 Who Watches the Watchers—was about religion, actually) were known to be. It didn’t detract from the game-play, and actually enhanced it.

A few good reads on the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago:

Funny, but a hair-bit too on the nose imo.

This take was funny last year but somewhat too on the nose. In light of everything between COVID-19, the murder of George Floyd in my hometown, and everything else, it gained more meaning.

How Much Social Commentary is Too Much, Though?

One thing I really wish that the original Japanese writers could have done is maybe have Edison show a little more social growth and awareness of America’s skeletons seeing as he was supposed to be a concept or Craft Essence? strengthened by past American presidents, or perhaps have Mash, the MC, or Geronimo prod him more (or maybe not—once again too on the nose).

On the other hand, if that were done, it probably would have taken away from the game-play and overall story of this event. Plus, considering that the game was originally produced in Japan, us American players should not expect the same level awareness of the social issues going on in the country today.

With all of the darkness around us, we need to be able to take some time away and relax and not be reminded of just how much the world sucks right now.

Sometimes, that’s what you gotta do.

Anyway, back to the funny stuff…

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