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The insanity of GUDAGUDA 4 will be missed but not forgotten—hey, at least there's a rerun next year!

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Destroy all Nobbus! GUDAGUDA 4 has been the wackiest (and most fun) of all the GUDAGUDA events. It even claims to be the last one (Final Honnoji). However, thanks to Clairvoyance EX (and the pandemic fucking up event scheduling last year), we know that to be a lie.

Yes, this post was supposed to be up Friday night but I also forgot that I had other stuff to do, like get ready for a road trip to Lake Superior on Saturday. I did have plans to bring a few of my Figmas with, and turn it into a Fate/GO road-trip Figma comic. Eventually I discarded the idea because Figmas have too many small parts that could get lost. Also, the amount we were packing to bring with us: food, hiking supplies, and our Nikon D5000 plus our phones—it would have been overwhelming.

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Something I’m going to start doing with my FGO posts as they get a little long-winded. Dividing them into separate pages, and providing a TOC for users to navigate with.

GUDAGUDA 4 Gacha Luck A-

  • 5🌟 Demon King Nobunaga (Avenger) — waiting until 4th Anniversary for leveling, when the Special Ascension feature comes out. According to GamePress, she’s D-tier. Oof. Well, I rolled because I liked her final Ascension art 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • 4🌟 Summer Oda Nobunaga (Berserker) — 2nd copy, I now have NP2 Summer Nobu. I haven’t completely leveled her. Once again waiting until 4th Anniversary for the 1/2 off daily quests, and Super/Great Success rate-up.
  • 3🌟 Mori Nagayoshi (Berserker) — I’m on the fence. I like his character, but I don’t normally level up low-rarity ‘Zerkers (Kiyohime being an exception—her AoE Noble Phantasm is useful for farming and clearing waves, especially if you have her grailed to 90 or higher).
Mori was acquired in a separate roll.

Challenge Quest with Level 90 Kagetora

First run, I sort of made up my strategy on the go. I ran a standard Arts team with a little bit of stall built in. My lineup: Mash, OG Tamamo, and Kagetora in the front, with Waver (Support), Euryale (Grailed level 90), and Okita (Saber) in the back-line. Ooh boy, Shibata hits hard—and he seemed to have a boner for Kagetora because he targeted her with crits relentlessly until I moved her to the back-line, swapping out with Euryale. Basically, it worked out. Shibata took out Mash (sorry ;_;), which moved Waver—along with his offensive and defensive buffs—into her spot. Because of Waver’s NP, it turned into even more of a stall battle. While the stun never took (at least in this round), the NP drain did. Combined with Euryale’s skills Vampirism and Siren Song plus her NP (defense+attack down+charm), and Tamamo’s 👉🏽Curse (Benediction) skill, allowed me to either keep Shibata from launching his NP or buffing himself with more defensive buffs.

I ran a few more using Mash+Holmes (for his ignore defense NP)+Okita (Saber). Or trying with the same Mash+Tamamo+Euryale setup, but apparently, I got lucky the first time around. Shibata’s damage-cut and defense up buffs have foiled me every which way. Basically, I just rage-quit because the run wasn’t going my way 😀 But, I got the first drop so that’s really all that matters.

👉🏽While I liked that Tamamo got a buff to her first skill, it frequently forced me into the position of having to choose stalling over NP boosting. Not sure how this would fit with her lore, but from a strategic sense, the NP boost may have been better served as part of her NP, and lasting for 3 turns—similar to OG Mash’s Lord Camelot Attack Up buff.

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