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GUDAGUDA 4 Jokes and Out of Context Moments

I’m wondering if all of Okita’s references to getting a summer version isn’t some form of foreshadowing for Las Vegas Bout, where the first summons campaign gives us Okita Souji (Assassin). DW basically saying “Prepare your wallets!”

Umm, like this year’s Summer Event?

So who is rolling for Summer Okita (Assassin)? I’m on the fence, since I plan on rolling for ‘Zerker Musashi myself.

I’ll have to dig back through the various scenes, but I’m wondering if this isn’t an oblique reference to another anime. I sort of want to crack Inuyasha jokes but I’m having a hard time coming up with anything clever.

Does Inuyasha count?

Can’t remember what this was a reference to, but I see a new meme being born.

Pyromaniac Kagetora

The Shibata fights had me a bit hyped. First off, his armor reminded me either of Arago (Talpa) or Anubis (Shutendouji) from Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors). Second off, I’m really hoping we get Shibata (Berserker) somewhere down the line. Finally, I like Berserker fights because they’re challenging, and yet they’re somewhat easy.

Actually, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers was full of a bunch of references to Nobunaga and important personages from Japanese history. While I’m still waxing nostalgically on the fun and campiness of Ronin Warriors, apparently Netflix is rebooting Saint Seiya in 3D and it doesn’t look that bad. Certainly 100 times better than that Voltron 3D reboot 20 years ago. Anyway, it’s faintly hinted that Netflix could possibly pick Ronin Warriors up as well since the series had a huge following 20 years ago so if that happens, fingers crossed that it’s good and they don’t fuck it up.

Side-note: Why is Yasuke Missing From FGO?

Something that’s been bugging me lately. Why the hell hasn’t there been a GUDAGUDA event that featured Yasuke as a Servant. Abridged story (from Wikipedia): Yasuke was thought to have been the first African that Nobunaga had ever encountered. He eventually ended up serving as Nobunaga’s retainer, and was present at Honno-ji when Nobunaga was forced to commit suicide at the hands of his general Akechi Mitsuhide.

Now here comes the fun part: what class would Yasuke be? Saber, or Berserker (I could see both), and would he be an SR or SSR. Honestly, leaning towards SSR here because Yasuke probably isn’t that well known outside of Japanese history. But that reasoning could also go the other way.

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