GUDAGUDA 4 Highlights

| By Jess

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Event Accomplishments from GUDAGUDA 4

This time around more have to do with which Servants got bond level increases, and whether or not I’ve finished leveling the Chaldea Combat Uniform (hint: I did).

Finally done. Time to level up another Mystic Code.

I took some time before the epilogue unlocked to level Tamamo Cat. The reason was so I could get 10x for completing 60 interludes. I only had two to go. I still have 4 Rate-up quests I need to do before I can get another 10x. 4th anniversary adds additional quests for completing Main Record free quests. Also, during 4th Anniversary, the Main Record free quests (Fuyuki through Lostbelt 4) are supposed to be 1/4 AP. Clear all of them, and get 180 SQ (10 for each quest).

Santa Alter Bond Level UP

Anyway, bond levels on SRs and SSRs generally give you free Saint Quartz when you hit bond level 6. Santa Alter was my only Rider until Quetz came along, so I got plenty of use out of her. Nowadays, she see usage when I have a bunch of Caster or ‘Zerker waves to clear, or when I’m farming for QP.

Okita Alter and Emiya Leveled and Bonded (mostly)

I made it my goal to get Okita Alter leveled before this event started. Somehow, I managed to max level both her and Emiya (who I did in the space of a few hours) right before GUDAGUDA 4 started.

I got Okita’s middle skill up to Level 6 before I ran out of mats, and I didn’t have enough QP (or mats) to level Emiya’s skills. Started the event without doing his Interludes or Rate-ups. However, I did complete them during that period before the time-gate unlocked. Somewhere during the course of the event, I also got Okita Alter’s bond level up.

Arash Bond Level UP

Finally, the guy I practically work to death every time I need to farm got his own bond level raised. If I don’t get him to 10 during 4th Anniversary, then it’s a given he’ll be at 10 before the end of the Summer 2020 rerun.

Unlimited Salt Works

Considering my first 10-pull for this event, I really shouldn’t be salty. I suspect my saltiness is being caused by the feeling that I should have saved them.

The 30 Saint Quartz I got and the resulting 10-pull of Green Salt

Anywho. That’s it from my end (for now). Till next time! 👋🏽

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