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Thoughts and Feelings about Lostbelt 4 Honestly? It was awesome. The story, the fights. Even if the fights…

Thoughts and Feelings about Lostbelt 4

Honestly? It was awesome. The story, the fights. Even if the fights were difficult, they were still fun. Except for Godjuna one-shotting my support Servants (RNG says eff your strategy). Lostbelt 4 really picked up the story-telling compared to the first three LBs. When the first 3 Lostbelts were doomed to be pruned, it was hard to feel sorry for the people inhabiting those alternate versions of history. Finally, we have a likable Crypter as well. So there were bonuses all around for this chapter, as well as the start of some things finally coming out in the open. I wish there was more story. Lostbelt 4 left me wanting more, and anxiously awaiting the end of the year when Lostbelt 5 finally drops.

Crew Got Jokes and Zero Chill

The jokes and dialogue. Things are serious with the bleaching of the earth and an indifferent God being lead astray by a sociopath, but our heroes still took time to give each other shit. Even Gordy is starting to become likable now—having been put in his place by not only the Chaldea staff, but the allied Servants as well!

It’s a bit early for pandemic jokes, but I’ll take it.

I will say that Goredolf improved immensely in this chapter. Not sure if it was that scare that Kama gave him in Ooku or a combination of that, plus everyone from the other summoned Servants to Pepe giving him shit.

Not gonna lie, this straight-up had me dead. Then, when I thought I was dead, she’s gotta go and resurrect me for another one.

wtf are you in the left lane if you’re only gonna do 65?

Yep, found something I can agree with Gordy on. Also, I hate lane-tasters.

🤣🤣🤣 🔥 🙌🏽

Tamamo Vitch has started to grow on me—like toe-fungus. The sympathy I felt for her in LB 3 carried over. Even though she lost that fight with Asvatthaman, there’s the impression that she gave back as a good as got. Limbo got shredded (though not dead) by Asclepius, which was awesome. Basically, both antagonists ended up being somewhat likable, which they weren’t before. I hated Limbo from Shimousa, but after his release as a Servant on the JP server, he doesn’t bother me.

Never trust a big butt and a friendly smile

Karna and Jinako

The relationship between Karna and Jinako/Ganesha was pretty awesome. I’ve never had a chance to play Fate/Extra CCC, and the translated dialogues still lack some depth, but you get the idea that they were pretty tight during the Mooncell Holy Grail War. I’m not saying romantically or anything like that. More like close friends—you know that one friend that’ll always have your back no matter what?

Karna wonders if the MC know where to find Swiss Rolls? Hell yes, she does!
Dude, the little mom-and-pop convenience store down the street has them. Gotta grab a box for myself, too.

Having been a NEET and a shut-in, I understand Jinako (and by extension, Osakabehime—hopefully those two meet?). Which is why Karna’s comment about getting Swiss Rolls just about had me in tears. During my NEET phase (15 to 18), I subsisted on a steady diet of soda, Swiss Rolls, and Fritos while anxiously awaiting the next book release of whatever favorite author I had at the time.

When you wanna fan-girl Rama, but he’s already taken.

Cool Villains and Very Little Douche-baggery

Another trope that was present in the previous three Lostbelts that wasn’t present here: arrogant villains insulting the MC. I’ve already mentioned that I really like Pepe, and Limbo’s sociopath tendencies didn’t bother me either. What I found refreshing was Arjuna Alter’s cold indifference.

Alright, the next few pages are where the spoilers start so you may want to bounce. Also, the other reason for skipping: the next few pages are going to be wordier than Limbo’s dialogue.

Heck, even Vitch ended up being likable—because of the sympathy I had for her in LB 3 and because Limbo tried to double-cross her.

Please Bring Back Pepe!

I was really really hoping that we could turn one Crypter to our side, but I understand Pepe’s conviction. After freeing the India Lostbelt’s people from the forced Yuga cycles, I’d fight for them in his place as well. Something does tell me that the fate of each Lostbelt might not be as cut and dried as we’re being led to believe. I’ll explain more on the next page.

Was Lakshmi Foreshadowing the End of Arc 2?

At the end, Lakshmi talks to the MC about reincarnation. I don’t think she said this to make MC—and by extension, Mash—feel better about what they have to do—I think this could have been the Counter Force’s way of telling MC that things would be all right. Whether or not MC listens or accepts that, that’s up to him/her.

Game-play Thoughts and Accomplishments

I didn’t do as many video screen-gabs for Lostbelt 4. In fact, I only did one. That was the first fight that introduced a new Gold Lancer monster, the Maha Naga. That fight, I brought Musashi along for a guaranteed one-shot. I had a feeling that it was going to be like the Hydras that were introduced in either Agartha or Shimosa, and just as much trouble. I knew I wanted to get past that monster as quickly as possible.

One additional bonus, I got to see a voice-line in her NP that I haven’t seen before. I really should have done some videos of getting past the Ash and Arjuna Alter fights, but I’m not shy about making use of Command Seals or Saint Quartz revives to get me past a difficult spot.

I did find that my Ember Farming set-up with Arash (+ Merlin), Bunyan, and Kiyohime worked for getting me past lower level mob nodes. The added benefit there is I got a chance to increase bond levels on both Merlin and Bunyan.

Power-creep aside, most of the boss fights (other than Godjuna) were fairly easy. The fight with Ash and the Tree, I focused on getting rid of Ash first before dealing with the Tree. It “worked”, however I ended up needed a revive to take on the Tree. It’s basically showing that I’m suffering from a lack of powerful AoE Lancers. I do have Karna but I should have been better about getting him ready for LB 4.


That’s pretty much it for my thoughts on Lostbelt 4. There was more I wanted to add to this but the last week has left me exhausted. Now it’s time to gear up for the summer events!

Later 😉

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