Prisma Codes Re-install Event In Progress

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Note: Syleth is the name of the main character from my old webcomic Silent Shadow. I also “borrowed”…

Note: Syleth is the name of the main character from my old webcomic Silent Shadow. I also “borrowed” that name from one of Glen Cook’s Black Company novels—one of The Lady’s sisters, supposedly Soul Catcher (spoilers for those who may have read the earlier books).

Last chance to get an awesome welfare servant! Chloe has saved my butt in a few different boss quests, most notably Sutr in Lostbelt 2

Progress is being made. Finally at the Medb raids. When I first played this 2 years ago, I was a n00b with a barely developed roster. The entire event was a struggle. This time around? Easy-peasy. Medb and Mini-Cu gave me a huge headache last time. This time? Finish in 2 turns. Having Chloe at lvl 90 with all skills at 10 helps enormously, though. Basically, Chloe (with the Arts boost) can one-shot Medb even without class advantage. I generally pick off Mini Cu first, though. Gotta get those drops!

Event Rolls

Say wut?!?

I have a ton of Kill on Sight (4🌟) CEs, nuff said. On the first roll, I managed to summon Miyu, plus my first batch of event CEs. Basically, two rolls I had enough of the 4🌟 CE to limit-break it, plus an extra one. Didn’t need to worry about the 5🌟 CE, though. Had one limit-broken from the first run, plus an extra. Ironically enough, it seems like 3🌟 Zunga Zunga! has been harder to get this time around.

Also, managed to get a second copy of Miyu on the third roll—which at that point, I stopped because I was getting the crap non-event 3🌟 CEs.

Miyu’s summons lines recorded after the fact.

Since I got Miyu, should I level her? That’s what I’ve been asking myself. I already have Chloe and Illya, so it makes sense to level Miyu on that alone, but do I want to waste the EXP and QP that could go to other servants (Sanzang, for instance—who I recently leveled 82 and has proven to hit harder as a single-target Buster Caster than Illya). Regardless of where I land on leveling Miyu, rest assured, I’m not going to burn her for gold prisms.

Oh Mash, you’re so innocent…

So about that last event—Sparrow’s Inn? Yeah, I checked out of that the 3rd day in. Basically, not enough recovery time from the Christmas Event, and my emotional state after the events of January 6th just about assured that I wouldn’t be interested in any thing except work. Basically, I played enough to grab the two Command Codes and that was about it.

Finally, if you’re a n00b or just didn’t manage to get Chloe the first time around, make sure you grab her this time around. You can’t go wrong with grailing her to 90 or 100, and she is worth every bit of EXP and QP you’ve got.

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