Technically, the farming is done too. I’m all burned out and there’s a ton of stuff I want…

Technically, the farming is done too. I’m all burned out and there’s a ton of stuff I want to do over my winter break.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Solstice—Happy Whatever 😀

Fate/Grand Order’s Christmas 2020 (also known as Quetz Fest) is concluding later tonight—and I’m pretty much all farmed out.

2 10-Pulls. So how did I do?

The first two 10-pulls I did—namely to grab event CEs—was actually one of the better pulls in a while. I managed to get the higher rarity event CEs needed for farming, and grabbed 3—oops, 4—SRs and 1 SSR Lancer—not Bradamante, though I wasn’t specifically rolling for her anyway.

Well, I can’t remember which pull gave me what but I managed to get:

  • Emiya (Archer) —5th copy for NP5
  • Gilgamesh (Caster) — 5th copy for NP5
  • Martha (Rider) — 3rd copy
  • ✨Martha (Ruler) — new Servant/1st copy
  • ✨ Enkidu (Lancer) — new Servant/1st copy

So basically, I’m came away from this event with not one but two Rulers. Anyway…

I also managed to get 2 copies of 3⭐️ CE (Burning Broadcast Seat) limit-broken. The two pulls gave me one 5✨ CE (Schwipsig in the Snow), and I had to get two copies of the 4🌟 CE (Ring the Bell) from two subsequent pulls. Also, managed to get three additional copies of the event CE for the lottery from farming runs.

This has got to be Blackbeard and Columbus.
Beavis and Butthead moment here?


I’ve been farming the lottery for those gems. I’ve already grabbed what I wanted out of the shop. Other than shields, there hasn’t been much that I’ve needed. Which is a good thing because hey, event burnout has already set in.

Current/Upcoming Events:

New Year Campaign 2021, January 1st to 15th

This coming year’s New Year Campaign is chock-full of loot to grab, like a new Mystic Code, Ceremonial New Year—which looks like it’ll be pretty useful to have. There’s also the usual summoning campaign and New Year’s CE. There’s also the GSSR campaign, which isn’t class-based. So I may need to temper my hopes of getting Okita Alter.

Sparrow’s Inn Activity Log: Chronicles of the Prospering Enma-Tei (Japanese title), January 1st to 15th (Approximate)

Looks like we kick the new year off with a farming event and a new SSR Servant, Beni-enma, who looks adorable! (it’s got me thinking about Moroha’s Beni-Yasha: Destroyer of Lands from Yashahime :D) Ahem, anyway—I may or may not roll for her as it’s all going to depend on the level of butt-hurt I experience from the GSSR.

Another thing to look forward to are the two limited Command Codes that look like they’ll be extremely useful: Good Wife Wise Fox and Hachiyou no Kagame

Finally, Servant-strengthening campaign. Tamamo (Caster) gets a very useful upgrade to her 1st skill Curse. It still drains one enemy’s NP gauge by 1 tick, but it also provides an NP-damage up buff to everyone in your front-line except for Tamamo herself.

After the New Years events, we should have a little break before the Prisma Causeway rerun that’s supposed to start sometime near the end of January.

At some point, I need to do a few posts that are not Fate-related because I’ve had a lot of them recently 😀

Til next time, and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Solstice, and a Happy New Year 😀

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