Lostbelt 3: Cosmos Denied (Finally)

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Slogging through Lostbelt 3.

Lostbelt 3: Was it a slog or just my mental state this time of year?

I finally finished Lostbelt 3. Compared to the last two Lostbelts, this one was a freaking slog to get through. The story wasn’t compelling or interesting, and seemed more centered on Yu Mei-ren’s romance with Xiang Yu. In some ways, this felt like a repeat of Lostbelt 1 with a smattering of Lostbelt 2 thrown in. No reason to empathize with the NPCs (like Lostbelt 2). The antagonists weren’t interesting. The scenery was basically a snooze, and the fights too damned gimmicky. My last post already covered some of this current Lostbelt, so…

I was wrong—in a good way

First off, I was wrong. Spartacus did not betray the protagonist, but he did do the meat-stick Berserker act and run off with the villagers in pursuit of rebellion. Totally in-character for ole’ Sparty. That was topped by him saving the villagers (flying Berserker destroying the meteor ala One Punch Man).

Ironic considering the time I was playing this part, I was rebelling against the thought of doing what I had planned to do over Thanksgiving Break, opting instead to either play through LB 3 or read through Storm Rising.

Spartacus rebelling against the tyranny of gravity

Koyanskaya getting repeatedly owned

Koryanchihaha, Tayunskapon, etc. etc. One could tell that this gag was leading up to something serious. That turned out to be Koyanskaya getting thrown in a dungeon and tortured. As much as I don’t like Koyanskaya, I actually felt sorry for her at that point and was relieved when our plucky band of heroes rescued her.

Also, totally in character for Mordred to hate Koyanskaya’s guts—which was a call-back to Fate/Apocrypha (anime or light novel—perhaps both?) when Mordred and Sishigou first encountered Semiramis.

I also keep forgetting that Mordred technically is a homunculus.

Boss fights and Game play

To be honest, the last few fights were a bit gimmicky. I lost my will to plan out my teams and just started bulldozing my way though (I usually do this by planning on a Saint Quartz or Command Seal revive—yeah, it’s cheating but my attention span had taken all it could take at this point). Granted, I did do some tactical planning. I came equipped with all of the Sure Hit/Ignore Invincibility CEs that I had on hand for the fights in Section 14—which included the Yu Mei-ren/Xiang Yu fight

Musashi vs Qin Liangyu—guess who won?
No SQ revives here, even if I did lose the entire line except for Musashi. I think we can guess who won this fight.

About the only thing interesting about Qin Liangyu was her character design. On that note, while I’m sure they could be useful, I haven’t felt compelled to roll for any of the new Servants released with this chapter. Qin Shi Huang? Nah, I already got Jeanne and Holmes, and soon will have Quetz Ruler as well. Wasn’t interested in Yu, either to be honest. The only thing noteworthy was QSH convincing Yu to join the Counter Force despite her hatred of humanity.

Side-note: Considering the way 2020 has been, I’m sure there’s a lot of people that would agree with Yu about why humanity sucks.

Too bad Chen Gong doesn't come out until August 2021.
So who is rolling for Chen Gong when he hits the Friend Points summons in August?
Cosmos: DENIED

Up next: Quetzfest! Looks like this event has only run once so this will be your only chance to grab Quetzalcoatl (Ruler)

Christmas 2020: Samba Night Holy Night. Don't miss your chance to grab Quetzalcoatl (Ruler)!
That was quick. Gamepress already has their guide up.

Gamepress also has the new Servant analysis for Bradamante up! In all honesty, I’m probably not going to roll specifically for her—mainly for the CEs I’m going to need for farming the event. If I summon Bradamante then oh well. It’s not a make-or-break for me.

Bradamante’s Noble Phantasm

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