Connacht⭐Medb down, now for the First Lady

| By Jess
Ah, but you did lose ⭐ The final raid is where you get your first (permanent) copy of…

Ah, but you did lose ⭐

The final raid is where you get your first (permanent) copy of Chloe—or if you already have Chloe at NP5, you get a gold prism.

Anywho, yes—revenge is sweet. Two years ago, I played this event before I played the E Pluribus Unum chapter (if I remember correctly, I was probably in the middle of Okeanos).

Chloe has saved my ass so many times, it’s not even funny.

The complete run. Things didn’t go as planned here.

I’m considering if I should make use of the double EXP and level Chloe completely to 100. Something to think about once I get pass the First Lady raids 🙂

Basically, it’s either that or completely level Sanzang to 90.

Finally, some clarification about yesterday’s post. As I said, Syleth was (is) the name of the main character from Silent Shadow. I ended up using that name for the in-game main character (when I first started the game, the MC’s name was “Buttface” because I was too lazy to come up with a decent name)

In non Fate/GO-related news, I’ve taken a deep dive into Blender. I’m at the point where I’m considering making Blender a major part of my work-flow for when I bring Silent Shadow back. I’ll probably have more Blender-related posts coming up for those that are interested.

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