Prisma-Codes Wrap-up

Prisma-Codes Wrap-up

Yeah, I skipped the Magical⭐️Gentlemen raids this time.

I farmed. Once I beat First Lady, my interest in the rest of the event sort of fizzled. Basically, I’d farmed everything that I wanted (and needed), I got a few gold prisms, and even got to limit-break a few event CEs from the first run. Honestly, I didn’t like the second half of the event (the Magical Gentlemen) the first time around so I just decided to skip it this time.

I will say First Lady was a challenge—even the second time around. My problem is I didn’t have a good female Buster Lancer or single-target Berserker. Despite that, I was still able to finish First Lady within 5 turns for each round.

Since Chloe got double EXP, used that opportunity to finally grail her past level 90. Sadly, I only had 4 grails.

The next event looks interesting, though. I may participate just to get the Command Codes but I’m pretty sure I have enough mats for now.

Till next time!

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