Abyssal Cyber Paradise: The Fight Continues

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The Fate/Extra CCC rerun is calling out this year’s recently past Valentine’s event? I can’t remember if that…

The Fate/Extra CCC rerun is calling out this year’s recently past Valentine’s event?
I can’t remember if that line was in the original 2019 CCC event or not. It could be entirely coincidental—or perhaps not 😉

Thankfully this event is a little longer than the standard two weeks, there’s a lot of us that work full-time jobs and can’t dedicate every waking moment to playing the event.

I played the 2019 event so I already have BB. Basically, for me this is farming and a chance to get some more gold prisms.

Fate/Extra CCC Steam Port When?!

The best part of this event is getting a better idea of the world of SE.RA.PH, and a better understanding of the backstory behind the two Fate/Extella games, and Fate/Extra Last Encore (I need to re-watch that—maybe it’ll make more sense after having finished Umbral Star and Link). It also has me hopeful for a Fate/Extra CCC remake with a port to PC. Fate/Extra is getting a remake+PC port (Fate/Extra Record), which more news is due out sometime this year. To be honest, I wouldn’t expect an official release until 2022 or 2024 because of COVID.

BB Slots Make Me Emo

Or severely butt-hurt—take your pick.

One thing that is really annoying—BB Slots. On the Karna node, I got hit with Skill Seal at the beginning of two rounds. Since my farming strategy is heavily reliant on the Servants being able to use their skills, I opted to rage-quit the round (yes, both times) rather than try to play through those first three turns.

Sometimes it Pays to Rage-Quit

Yes, it cost me 80 AP but screw that. Three times, got hit with Target Focus. First time it happened, it really didn’t matter because the target was Arash, and he dies on the first turn any way. The second and third times, not so much because it targeted Bunyan. Had to work to keep Bunyan alive at least until the end of the second arrow. I’m using a modified version of my Ember Farming setup, but using Artoria in place of Kiyohime. Usually, if I can get a Artoria brave-chain with her NP, I can finish Karna off in one turn.

During the 2019 event, I never encountered the Skill Seal or Target Focus debuffs with BB Slots. Either I was extraordinarily lucky or (more likely) I scrubbed it from my brain. Also possible, I didn’t play the Karna node except for maybe once as required by later missions.

At least I could work my around Target Focus, though. The Skill Seal was basically a no-go from the beginning.

Mission Progress So Far

Slightly more than half completed. Perhaps that screw-up with confusing Arjuna and Karna paid off. I’ve only done 3 of the Wanted quests so far, though. I really want to finish the story first.

Story Progress So Far

Suzuka throwing shade at Emiya Alter—everyone seems to be doing in the later chapters.
Suzuka sounds like my baby-sister from like 15 years ago. Teenage girls have always set my teeth on edge—even when I was a teenager 🤣

I’m up to Act 4—3/4, actually. Little steamed when I went into that first fight with Suzuka. I brought along the A-game: Chloe (lvl 98) and Squirtoria, but also forgot that BB Slots gives you a 20% Arts down debuff (🤬 me, right?!). No biggie, just had to get through 6 turns with my line intact, and thanks to OG Mash and Sabers only doing half-damage against Archers, I managed to do exactly that. The next battle, BB Slots is supposed to increase max HP by 10,000. Probably bringing Euryale along to deal with Suzuka’s boyfriend on the last break-bar.

I’ll be back with more posts about this particular event that will include the snarks and adult jokes about Passionlip’s chest. Now off to finish the story!

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