I’m going to start off this post by saying 🤬 Mission 26. Forced me to run the Quetzalcoatl…

I’m going to start off this post by saying 🤬 Mission 26. Forced me to run the Quetzalcoatl node 12 times. My attention span isn’t meant for that.

Mission Burn-out Is Real

I almost burned out on defeating 20 Eater TYPE X. The Quetz node (Stamping Thenar) is the only node that spawns them (actually, the Shakespeare node spawns them as well), and I had to freaking run that node 12 times—twice last night, and the other 10 times today.

For the Quetz node, since it is all Rider enemies (Eaters are Riders) I brought Scáthach (Assassin) and everyone’s favorite murder-loli along. It still took me 13 to 15 turns per run.There may have been a better way, but I had to kill 6 Eaters on the first two arrows, so that eliminated my usual Arash->Kiyo->Bunyan+Merlin setup. The Eaters—being Riders—will land critical hits at least once per turn. Bringing ‘Zerkers along was asking for trouble.

Oh well, at least that one is out of the way finally.

The BB Slots Skill Seal Still Sucks

You’ll get hit with that running the WANTED: HXA quest. Since rage-quitting would be pointless, I brought Jeanne along with a Kaleidoscope CE (not maxed out). I got lucky with the cards I got on the first run—combined with Mysterious Heroine X (Alter)’s attacks—I was able to get Jeanne’s NP up for the needed debuff cleanse.

I brought along Chloe and Ishtar (a rather unlikely match, but Ishtar is pretty good as an Attack UP team support). Chloe took care of the first break-bar, and Ishtar cleaned up on the second. Probably took me 4 turns—by far the easiest WANTED quest I’ve run yet. Easiest despite MHXA one-shotting Chloe on the 3rd turn.

Moving Forward

Clearing out the remaining WANTED quests and hopefully I’ll be able to clear out the KP shop. Once those are done, then it’ll be time to fight the boss.

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