A post that is not Fate/Grand Order-related for once. Instead, this post details the beginnings of my foray…

A post that is not Fate/Grand Order-related for once. Instead, this post details the beginnings of my foray into Blender.

Granted, this post is roughly 2 months old. It’s been in the making since I took up Blender as a regular hobby.

Ditching Poser for Blender?

I’ve been in the process of learning Blender and bringing over Poser figures and converting their rigging to Blender for the purpose of weight-mapping and getting better joint movements. I’ll document that adventure later, with hopefully some videos included 😉

I’m not sure if I’m ready to totally abandon Poser for Blender, though. Both have their strong-points, and can be really useful when used together.

Procedural Planets

This idea basically came about as a result of working through the Procedural Landscape tutorial (video link below). While working through the tutorial, it came to me that if I applied the shader setup to a sphere and reduced the scale, I would have a planet. I’m not going to post the full shader node tree because it is massive, and it’s probably better to follow the landscape tutorial anyway. As an additional note, the rendering engine I used was Cycles, not Eevee. If someone can figure out how to make this look good in Eevee, be my guest 😉

What I can do is post examples of the node setups for the clouds and atmosphere:

Atmosphere Setup. Just a simple Principled Volume node.
Clouds setup. More complicated than the Atmosphere shader, but greatly less so than what’s needed for the planet.

I’m using a separate layer—ahem—geometry for the Atmosphere and Clouds, both are slightly larger than the planet itself. An example blend file can be downloaded [here], which also includes the shader node setup from the tutorial below.

Procedural Planets in Blender example. Click image for full version

Tutorials I used. Please note that these tutorials are not my own, but did give me the ideas to put together a decent looking planet in Blender.

Hope you enjoyed the post! I hope to have more like this one in the future.

PS: I REALLY need to move the images to object storage sooner rather than later.

And finally, I’ll have my thoughts and opinions on the Kama (FGO) event sometime this weekend.

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