GUDAGUDA 3: Butthurt and Event Burnout

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Is anyone excited for Fate Grand Order’s GUDAGUDA re-run event? I am, because it’ll mean I’ll recover from…

Is anyone excited for Fate Grand Order’s GUDAGUDA re-run event? I am, because it’ll mean I’ll recover from last year’s failure to finish the event, and grab another welfare servant.

On 2020’s GUDAGUDA event: Legend of the Imperial Capital Grail, and I failed so bad at this event last year. Saltiness at my crappy gacha luck led me to say screw it early on in the event. On that note, my advice is if you’re looking to roll for a particular Servant during an event, be careful about rolling at the beginning because the disappointment might just make you lose ambition in completing the event.

Last year, butt-hurt caused by my failure to get Okita Alter in the gacha played a huge part in me not wanting to finish the event. This year, there’s a high likelihood of me finishing the event because 1) I’m not so sure I want to roll for Okitan since I now have Kingprotea, and 2) we got a decent break between events.

The announcement timing is pretty good: we have 2 days (originally 4 from the initial announcement) before the event actually kicks off. However, looking further out, we have no break between GUDAGUDA and the Lady Reines Case Files event.

GUDAGUDA Welfare Servant: Ryouma Sakamoto (Rider)

If you didn’t grab Ryouma Sakamoto (Rider) last year (which I didn’t), this will be your last chance unless DW decides to add him to the Friends Points summons at some point in the future. Rumor has it that on the Japan server, Artoria Lily is available in the Friends Points summons so there’s a thought that other welfare SRs might eventually show up as well.

Event Goals

Get Ryouma and the Grail this time around. Collecting grails because Musashi might be the next Servant I grail to lvl 100. Roll for Okita—if I feel like it—only when I’m done grabbing everything else the event has to offer. Beyond that, I don’t have much if any in the way of goals for this particular event. On the upside of having failed so badly last year, at least I have event CEs from last year.

That’s the best part of rerun events—you already have event CEs from the previous year. Which, I do but apparently I never grabbed the CE from the shop. Guess I’ll have to prioritize that if I’m going to complete the missions in a decent amount of time.

Farming Locations

GamePress has the event guide up, so go check it out.

I’m in Gold Gem Hell

I’m also in QP hell, but who isn’t at this point?

I need gold Saber gems—bad. I used up most of the ones I had leveling Kingprotea’s skills. If you’re in gold gem debt, this event only gives out 5 gold Saber gems for mission rewards. One of the Saber nodes might drop gold gems but the farming map above says otherwise. Thankfully, the Summer 2020 Revival Lite shop should have gold gems 🤞. Be patient for a few more weeks, and farm the Saber training node until later this summer.

Come Monday, be ready to farm and grind!

Unrelated. I’m in the process of switching over to Linode Object Storage for the images. If you notice any funkiness, that would be the reason why. The last thing I need to do once the CDN subdomain propagates is get an SSL cert for the storage bucket.

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