GUDAGUDA 3 : Halfway There

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GUDAGUDA 3 is almost done. Gacha luck is bad but I ain't even mad. Includes FateGO-related fan-art, and Amazon recommendations.

First time in a while that I’ve finished the half-way mark of an event before the time-gate opens up. I am a little peeved about the timing of the GUDAGUDA 3 epilogue, though. It opens tonight, at 11pm CDT (12am EDT) when I’m normally in bed because tomorrow is Monday and gotta get to work, ya know.

GUDAGUDA 3 Epilogue unlocks tonight @ 21:00 PDT (11pm CDT)
So damned close….

So far so good, though. I’m doing better than I did last year, at least.

GUDAGUDA 3 Gacha Luck?

So far, nothing. Seems like the GUDAGUDA 3 Gacha is basically 💩. I had ~150 SQ saved that I gradually used up trying to get more event CEs (*cough* Okitan *cough*) but drop luck on event CEs—even 3🌟s—was horrible. I did get a lot of green and gold mana prisms, so the effort wasn’t a complete waste. As for Okitan, I’m debating whether I should try again or wait for the Guaranteed Gacha that’s coming this summer.

Okita Alter vs Kingprotea

The thing about not grabbing Okita Alter and why it’s not a huge loss for me is that I already have Kingprotea, who is actually a better Servant (fyi: both Okita Alter and Kingprotea have Rank Up quests coming next summer). Last year, the only Alter Ego I had was Mecha Liz—the welfare Servant from the Halloween 2019 event—who isn’t great but will do if there’s a reason you need an Alter Ego for a boss fight. Also, hint: maybe I need to work on leveling her skills some more?

FateGO stuff that’s not related to GUDAGUDA 3.

Medusa Lily Fan-art in Blender

My foray into 3D art has paid off—well, sort of. As I’d originally thought, the Fate Materials books have been a good source for reference material in my artwork.

Medusa Lily (Lancer) work in progress. Tool used: Blender 2.92
My progress so far
Test render of Medusa Lily (Lancer). Modeling hair is hard
Full Color version. Test render for seeing any artifacts and testing out my toon shader implementation

This is not done by any means. Her hair has been the hardest to tackle, so far. I somehow ended up with a generic chibi-face instead of Medusa Lily, but I’m still happy that I was actually able to do that much. One thing that really sucks to model: ears. I fucking hate modeling ears. This is something I’ll leave for a separate post though.

FateGO Amazon Recommendations

Decided to treat myself to some things on Amazon (note: none of these links are affiliate links so I’m not getting any money from linking to Amazon products):

Jeanne d’Arc Alter (Berserker) Figma action figure

Jeanne Alter (Berserker) Figma, available on Amazon

Acquired: Jeanne Alter (Berserker) Figma action figure. I’m pretty happy with the purchase. The one complaint I have about Figma figures is the amount of plastic wrapping that’s hidden inside the joints.

When you’re removing the plastic, you have to make sure that you get ALL of the plastic out. If you don’t, you end up with posing issues. This could be why I ended up breaking Musashi’s leg. I can’t remember if her knee joints were packed with plastic or not. Ugh, I’m still pissed about that. Because the figures are made from PVC, super glue doesn’t work on them. I ended up using hot-glue to position that leg into a normal position. So, Musashi looks normal and I can pose her—just not that leg.

Wild For Life Fate Grand Order April Fool’s stickers

Other acquisitions from Amazon include these stickers from Wild for Life. These three sticker packs only go up to the GUDAGUDA 2 release—or whenever Mysterious Heroine X Alter (Berserker) was released (Spring 2019, I think?). Basically, they’re a nice purchase if you like Riyo’s artwork (✋🏼).

I do feel a little hinked by this because I’m not sure if these are actually licensed or not. I’m making the assumption that they are licensed because if they weren’t, I’m sure that Amazon would have removed the listing by now.

Sticker Pack 1

Sticker Pack 3

Sticker Pack 2

Off-topic pet-peeve: I wish Google Photos included an image optimization feature 😒

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