GUDAGUDA 3 Revival—Complete

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GUDAGUDA 3 Revival — patience finally pays off. Okita Alter has been acquired, and the event finished with Sakamoto acquired and leveled.

Technically, even the farming is over. I’m beat from the grinding. Anyway, how did I do in the GUDAGUDA 3 revival event? Well, I exceeded my own expectations. I was expecting to walk away with Sakamoto and maybe the 3 of the 4 copies needed to level his NP. Well, here’s how it went:

  1. I finished the first half of the event a day before the second half became available.
  2. I already cleared a few missions at the beginning—namely Sakamoto’s bond- and ascension levels. Apparently, if you leveled him last year but for some reason couldn’t finish the first half, those missions still count. Sadly, you don’t get the EXP back from last year.
  3. Claimed Sakamoto permanently, and finished leveling him.
  4. Finished the entire event last night, got all 4 copies and leveled Sakamoto’s NP

GUDAGUDA 3 Gacha Luck (update)

My first roll did give me another SSR Rider: Achilles. However, take that with a grain of salt. Sometimes, I roll the Story Gacha for shits and giggles, and I may have rolled a day before the event started.

Finally, as a bonus, I finally found success in the event Gacha. Okitan finally came home! So now, I have 3 Alter Egos and they all have Buster NPs. I suppose considering my luck, I could have had Meltryllis or Kiara if I felt like spending the SQ needed.

The roll that finally produced Okita Alter. Apparently, I had better luck (or more patience) in the GUDAGUDA 3 Revival event than I did in the original run.
Not gonna lie. This roll had me until the very end.

The good thing about rolling for Alter Egos—you already know what you’re going to get if you do see those rainbow balls and the Alter Ego card. I’m going to wait for the half-AP Ember Quests that are coming up in the next few days before I actually level her.

Her mats, though… Like Musashi and Kingprotea, she needs 51 Gold Saber gems. I’m going to be in Gold Gem hell for a while, apparently.

Vindication: Got GUDAGUDA 3’s Welfare Servant

The good thing about revival events: if you screw up the first time, you get a second chance

Honestly, I’m glad that I finished the first part of the event a day early. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had the attention span needed to plow ahead and finish the event. So Sakamoto is fully leveled—I can work on his skills later. The best thing about the GUDAGUDA 3 revival event was the sense of accomplishment I got from actually completing the event this time around.

Other Event Accomplishments

Chaldea Combat Uniform at Level 9

Once I got over feeling like I NEEDED some form of party or single servant survivability, this Mystic Code has proven to be indispensable. It’s basically my default Mystic Code now, and has saved my ass on a few different occasions. Namely using Gandr to freeze a boss that’s about to NP, if my Servants just need one more turn to level their NP. Order Change also comes in handy if I miscalculated, so I can swap out my Servant that has a ready NP for someone in the back-line.

Arash Bond-level Increase

I’m considering throwing this guy a grail. Arash has been pretty indispensable for my farming setups—that I’ve even been able to use for event farming. He dies, and Merlin or another support comes to the front, charges the NPs of the other two servants. This way, I can usually finish a quest in 3 or 4 turns.

3-turn Ember farming setup with Arash (Merlin backline) + Kiyohime + Bunyan

And that is it for me! Until next time.


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