Lady Reines Case Files event: Fate Grand Order’s version of a clip episode. My initial thought reading up…

Lady Reines Case Files event: Fate Grand Order’s version of a clip episode. My initial thought reading up on the Japanese run of the event from two years ago. Now, after having made it half-way through the event, that conclusion has only deepened. One thing I will say, FGO has handled the clip show trope in a very creative way. With that thought out of the way, here’s my update on the progress.

Progress So far

Progress playing through the Lady Reines Case Files event. Three days ago, you should have been here or almost finished with the Reminiscence quests. At this point, we have 5 days left of the event. I actually took a break on the raid to get caught up on the rest of the missions.

As for the raid, I would be very surprised if Barbatos lasts through tomorrow evening.

Lady Reines Case Files Quests: Must-Get Command Codes

From Lady Reines Case Files event. Command Code: Da Vinci-chan

5🌟 Da Vinci-chan

Grants self NP Damage Up by 15% for 1 turn when attacking using the engraved card.

If you haven’t completed the Memories in Luluhawa quest, you need to do so right now. Particularly if you have Jeanne Berserker. I didn’t believe the Jeanne one-shot memes until I actually used her against Barbatos. With ‘ZerkerJeanne, I can usually complete the raid in 3 turns or less, depending on how the cards stack up. Now, what does this have to do with the new 5🌟 command code from this event? When placed on a card that you can line up with her NP, it boosts the NP damage by 15%. This might not seem like a lot, but trust me—it really does make a difference.

Command Code: Command Sea of a Cardinal-Minded Retainer

3🌟: The Crimson-Hearted Liege’s Command Seal

When engraved on Buster card, increases critical damage by 15% of the engraved card.

Weirdly enough, the next command code I recommend grabbing for the raid is a 3🌟: The Crimson-Hearted Liege’s Command Seal. This one is a reward for completing the Memories of Ishtar Cup quest. The reason I’m recommending this one instead of the 4🌟 Spiritual Cube is the 15% damage boost when engraved on a Buster card. This command code works hand-in-hand with Da-Vinci chan if you’re using ‘ZerkerJeanne (or another Buster-based single-target Servant).

Command Code: Intangible Case

4🌟 Spiritual Cube

Increases damage against Undead enemies by 15% of the engraved card.

Finally, Spiritual Cube is useful against Undead enemies, which there is a lot of that enemy-type in this event. Barbatos also has the Undead trait, so it might be useful for the raid. I haven’t tried it—yet. This is the reward for completing the Celtic Prison Reminiscence quest.

By now, you should have Gray completely leveled for the epilogue. I don’t think having her completely leveled is needed, though as long as you’re caught up with the story. Getting her to 3rd Ascension, and getting her bond level to 3 are two pretty easy missions to scratch off your list. It’s understandable if some are choosing to wait until the clean-up phase of the event where Gray becomes permanent.

As of this post, Barbatos has roughly 43,000,000 pillars left to destroy. I don’t think the old boy is gonna last past 6pm CDT. Hell, I’d be shocked if he makes to 3pm. So if you haven’t got your licks in, best hurry it up before those mats and QP are gone. Also, make sure you have Bella Lisa or Mona Lisa CEs on your back-line to get a bigger QP bonus.

Barbatos is slowly dying. Best get those mats before they're gone!
They say, good try—today Barbatos is going to die

If you get the impression that’s from a song, you’re not wrong. Actually, it’s my spoof off Tomorrow, Wendy by Concrete Blond.

Anyway, happy raiding!


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