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Little Big Tengu surprisingly turned out to be a fun event with an awesome welfare and a weird cast of characters. Also: Chibi Ushi plushie when?!

Little Big Tengu surprisingly turned out to be a fun event with an awesome welfare and a weird cast of characters. Also: Chibi Ushi plushie when?!

As a means of introducing the latest 5šŸŒŸ Avenger Servant, Taira-no-Kagekiyo, we have the Little Big Tengu event. Sadly, this is the first event in a while where I couldn’t whale for event CEs because I’m flat broke (thanks, new house). That didn’t stop me from enjoying the event or getting to the final time-gate ahead of schedule.

Also, I failed in my attempt to get Kagekiyo but to be honest, my heart wasn’t particularly in it. Sadly, Ushi isn’t among the Servants that I use often so that may have a reason why my attempts failed.

Weird Cast of Characters

This is the second event that I’ve seen Medb in as a companion of the protagonist, instead of working against them (Summer 2019 and 2020, anyone?) Not gonna lie, I’ve hated Medb since the Prisma event but since last year’s Valentine’s event, I’ve slowly started to warm up to her. Frankly, it wasn’t surprising to see Medb in a Valentine’s event (I mean, about fucking time, right?) but seeing her in this eventā€”dealing primarily with a Japanese Servant and settingā€”just seemed out of left field. I suppose the same can be said for Jason and Cu Alter as well.

I think the writers just wanted an excuse to bring back Jason and Cu’s mini forms that were introduced back in the Prisma event.

Same man, same.

Anytime you have Cu Alter, you almost need to have Medb as well so there’s that šŸ’•… Wait, is there hentai of Cu Alter and Medb? Asking for a friend (yeah right…)

That being said, it didn’t distract from the event story at all. To be honest, I went in with the intention of fast-forwarding through the story, like I did with the first part of the Saber Wars II rerun. Now I’m glad that I didn’t because it introduced me to another aspect of Japanese mythology that I didn’t know aboutā€”specifically, Tengu and what they are.

There’s a lot about Japanese mythology that I don’t know about but I digress.

I got particularly curious excited when I realized that Hogen’s theme was crow-based and I’m fascinated by all things related to birdsā€”particularly corbies and birds of prey. Of course, knowing that, made me really want to finish the event and nab her.

Yes, I love her design enough that I grailed her to lvl 90. Gotta work on skill leveling, though.

Shameless self-promotion: In the universe of Silent Shadow, creatures out of folklore from all cultures are considered yokai by the mages of that universe.

So why don’t I do pre-event posts anymore? Because the amount of time it takes to gather that information is a pita and sort of a time-sinkā€”basically, time that I could spend doing other activities like creative writing or artwork. The other reason is that there are others in the FGO communityā€”big name folksā€”that do a way better job than I ever could. However, I have been considering the possibility of bringing them back. Not making promises, though.

Event Highlights and Accomplishments

Events are always a good time to farm for bond points, and this event was no exception. That’s even if the Servants you’re farming for don’t have an event bond bonus. With that being said, between Saber Wars and now Little Big Tengu, I’ve managed to bring Spishtar’s bond up a bit.

Events also present an opportunity to try out Servant combinations. The final boss-fight against Kagekiyo, for instance. I used Saito Hajimeā€”4šŸŒŸ Saber from the most recent GUDAGUDA eventā€”to burst down and eliminate Kagekiyo.

Honestly, I did this as an experiment. I wanted to see if I could loop a single-target Arts Servant using double Castoria. My initial attempts with Kuro failed, but using Artoria (Archer) were successful so I decided to try with other single-target Arts servants. I chose Saito because I spent time leveling him up but hadn’t had a chance to actually use him.

Would you believe that my main reason for rolling for him was his crazy facial expressions? Well, that and the fact that his first ascension art fucking rocks.

I’m pretty happy with his gameplayā€”so much so that I’m planning on rolling for more copies when the Yamataikoku re-run gets here later this year.

Goes without saying that I’ll be able to finish the event this time around because I won’t be in the middle of a move.

Request denied, bro. Sorry (not sorry)

There’s a reminder in this event that we’re going to have an all-new Halloween event this coming fall with a new Liz-welfare, 4šŸŒŸ Rider Elizabeth Bathory (Cinderella)! Players that weren’t around when the original Halloween events (barring Oniland) ran will also have an opportunity to nab all three past welfares from the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Halloween events.

Why do we still not have Oni Elizabeth as a dress option? I mean, c’mon already! I’m not a huge Liz-fan (I don’t hate her, eitherā€”just indifferent) but that costume is fucking awesome.

Anyway, that’s it from me. Till next time!

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