Saber Wars II: To the Beginning…

Jess |
Saber Wars II shenanigans and I suck at whaling.

When this event first ran in fall 2021, I didn’t finish it. Basically, I was burned out from the summer event—or rather, I was burned out from my attempt at getting more than one copy of Musashi (Berserker).

Seeing one of my favorite insults in a game I play warms my grubby, evil heart.

This time around, I finished the event. Got the grail and other ascension mats. I did try for more copies of Spishtar but sadly, the attempts failed. Of course, my income is rather limited at the moment so I can’t half-ass whale like I did before. However, I did get Calamity Jane.

Spishter + Castoria x 2 was the MVP team for the entire event. The damage boosts provided by the event and the event CEs allowed me to actually farm that annoying 90+ node in four turns—sometimes three turns—but mostly four. The high-powered Cerberus enemy in the second battle was a pain to deal with. Thinking back on it, I probably should have used a single-target DPS for the first two battles, then swap that Servant out for Spishtar on the final.

I used Muramasa a few times on one of Lancer nodes and I’m pretty happy with his performance with double Castoria (of course). This was before I leveled his 3rd skill to 10, though. Wonder what kind of damage he puts out now. Maybe I should test that before the event ends tonight.

The main thing I love about events is it’s a good time to farm for bond-points—even if you’re not leveling the bond of an event Servant.

So that’s it. There’s not much to report here. The events help relieve the boredom that comes with the midwinter doldrums (I also refer to this period as the “Post-holiday Hangover”).

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