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Since January is almost over, now is a good time to look forward to the month of February…

Since January is almost over, now is a good time to look forward to the month of February 💕 and what events await us in Fate/Grand Order!

Note: All banners featured are from the Japanese server’s original run in Feb 2021.

Holy Grail Front ~Et tu, Brute?

The first event of the month is going to be the second Holy Grail Front event, Holy Grail Front ~Et tu, Brute?~.

This event should land sometime in the next week. I may or may not participate in this event. The first HGF event, I was indifferent to but because there was a shop mechanic involved, I participated namely for the ascension mats. Basically, whether or not to skip this event is going to depend on my mental health and how busy I’m going to be with home improvement projects.

Valentine Day 2023

This year’s Valentine event features new limited 5 Ruler, Amor (Caren).

This event should be announced sometime before the second HGF event ends. This one, I will participate in for the mats, bond points, and QP. I’m indifferent to the new SSR—if I nab her when I’m rolling for event CEs, then fine. Otherwise, it’s not a huge loss for me if she doesn’t show up.

At the same time as this year’s Valentine’s event, players will get a chance to roll for last year’s 5, Sei Shonagon. If you failed to grab her last year, or during any of the lucky bag summons, now is your next chance before the 6th Anni GSSR summons.

20 Million Downloads Campaign

February ends with the 20 Million Downloads Campaign, featuring 5 Saber Arthur Pendragon (Prototype). The campaign will feature the usual goodies available with any of the X Million Downloads campaigns.

Of particular interest to anyone looking to level up newly acquired Servants (or CEs), leveling up will cost you 1/4 QP of what it normally does, plus Great and Super Success rates are doubled.

Servant Strengthening Quests will cost 1/2 the AP they normally do. So if you’ve been putting off running those quests, this event will present the opportunity to do so. I have like seven rank-up quests to run so I’ll probably wait until this event to complete them.

There is the opportunity to get double Friend Points so if you’re sitting on a popular support that you haven’t had a chance to level up—this would be the best time to do so.

The downloads campaign will also feature a new strengthening quest for Arthur Pendragon (Prototype). This quest adds a new effect and changes the name of his first skill. Mana Burst A will become Sign of Red Dragon A (Japanese title—English might be different), and adds the additional effect of boosting NP generation to 30% (if skill is completely leveled).

Finally, if you missed out on the chance to get Chaldea Dinnertime during its original run in the Green Prism exchange, you’ll be able to unlock it from the Gold Prism shop, but will still cost you 5k in Green Prisms to MLB it.

Till next time!

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