Lostbelt 6.1 Completed

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Warning: Spoilers if you haven't played Lostbelt 6.1 yet. #fgo #lostbelt6 #lb6

Warning: There may be spoilers ahead. Skip if you don’t want to be spoiled.

While the pacing left some issues for me—I understand why the first chapter had slow pacing. We’re being introduced to all of the major players in this particular story. Who is going to be steadfastly with us throughout the entire story, who is going to betray us, and who will switch to our side?

That being said, are we going to get an Alter Ego version of Muramasa any time soon? Also, it’s nice to finally see Caster Cu in a major role since the Fuyuki Singularity.

Gonna call this but as cute as he is, Oberon is sus as fuck. I read parts of Neobenedict’s LB 6 translation when it came out and that was my feeling then. We’ll see if my feelings play out true here.

Maybe this question will be answered in the next two chapters, but I’m wondering if Redra Bit (Red Rabbit) and Muryan are actually Servants. It’s been mentioned that faeries can’t tell the difference between Servants and other faeries. Come to think of it, wouldn’t that also apply to Morgan? Anyway, what brought that up was the protag’s mental comment about Murian giving off BB vibes, then later on another bit of dialog with Redra Bit, ie: “Are you sure you’re not a Servant?” Finally, the last one was Beryl Gut’s comment about being Morgan’s Master.

I’m hoping that the final battle with Beryl isn’t a forced support. I really want to bring Caenis along to skewer his ass for what he did to Wodime. I’m actually in the process of grailing Caenis just for that purpose.

I want Habetrot so bad now. That nickname just killed me! From the sound of things, apparently we get her as a reward for completing all of Lostbelt 6, and additional copies are available in the Friend Points gacha.

Okay, so I have a thing for cats. Can you blame me?

I selected “He went out a coward” because I’m an asshole and I wanted to see Muramasa’s response to that 😂 Something tells me that the response is gonna be the same for all those answers, though. I’m just too lazy to do a playback to find out.

I had a few different reactions to this one. Ranging from “sarcastic remarks” to just plain grossed out. I’m given to understand that this particular bit of dialog was cause for some drama in the Fate/GO community. I get that there are sick fucks everywhere—which is the primary reason I keep my nose out of fan community drama. I suspect that the writers wanted to show that Boggart wasn’t exactly what you’d call a good guy, though you do start to feel sorry for him after his encounter with LB Tristan and Beryl Gut.

Got a chuckle out of this one. I’m so glad that I managed to land Muramasa during the New Year’s event. Still think its funny seeing Shirou in the roll of foul-mouthed old man 😂

Anyway, my gacha luck was… strange. Even though I wasn’t particularly interested in Morgan, I still rolled and got two copies. I was really rolling for Tam Lin Gawain, but I’ll probably have a chance later since both Gawain and Tam Lin Tristan are going to be added to the general pool once LB 6 is completed, so there’s basically a chance that I’ll get spooked by either one.

Honestly, sweetheart. Why did you answer my summons? We’re both bossy chicks—I don’t think either of us will get along. But who knows, I could be wrong about that. Anyway, I’m in the process of leveling her up.

On that note, I decided to roll on the Interlude Campaign banner—hoping for a second copy of Caenis. Which, I did get that second copy but somehow, I ended up with two copies of Anastasia on two separate single rolls. Shit… I hope I didn’t fuck my future gacha luck with that.

Anyway, now that I’ve finished the first part, I’m back to working on Silent Shadow so expect more artwork in the near future!

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