Knowing When to Stop

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Yes, that’s a North Stars jersey that Rowan is wearing. It’s my take on the North Stars jersey…

Yes, that’s a North Stars jersey that Rowan is wearing. It’s my take on the North Stars jersey from their 90/91 season—they almost made it to the Stanley Cup in ’91 but lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the final round. Oof, now I feel old—it’s rather humbling to realize that I’m old enough to remember when the Dallas Stars were the Minnesota North Stars.

The shirt (geometry and texture) is available for download on Gumroad.

The second pic is my reaction to the opening of Fate Grand Order Lostbelt 6.3. The story is pretty good—just a bit of a tear-jerker and a lot of shit happens at the beginning, and yes, I have a review of that coming as well.

But I digress…

Rowan’s ears are getting a bit of a readjustment. I’m in the process of experimenting with separating the geometry to give me better control over how the ears are supposed to move.

I’m still finalizing the appearance of my characters, which I expect should be done soon. Then it’s on to clothing design. I suppose technically, I’m done but I keep finding shit to change. I need to stop that—in fact, that constant need to change everything is a huge part of why I never finished Silent Shadow during its 2005—2010 run. I know I blamed school, jobs, and life but a huge factor was a need to change and improve things. There’s nothing wrong with that but it gets in the way when you’re trying to complete a story.

If I do mess around with styles and appearance, I need to save it for “one-off” or specialty pieces but the comic itself needs to keep the appearance from start to finish. I can change it again for the sequel, if need be.

That being said, I’m shooting for having a page together end of next month or by the middle of September at the very latest. The reason for the timing is August/September would basically be the 18th anniversary of when I released the comic back in ’05.

Initially, I thought I’d have something ready by the end of next month but I realized that might be a tad ambitious. While I like the idea of relaunching on the comic’s 18th Anniversary, with everything else I have to do, I don’t want to set myself or anyone else up for disappointment—which is basically what happened when I tried to relaunch in 2012.

Whatever happens, keep watching this space for more news on Silent Shadow!

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