Now for something that is not Fate-related. I’ve been thinking for a while about the featured animated movies I grew up watching. One that came to mind is Rock & Rule, which I would definitely recommend as a must-watch classic animation right up there with Secret of NIMH.

I grew up with this movie. Saw it for the first time in ’88 when I was 10, and it never got old watching it. This movie is definitely not for kids, I’ll add.

It also came with an awesome soundtrack. A soundtrack that 10-year-old me didn’t appreciate until she became a 30-year-old adult about to graduate from college. I swear I spent part of a summer trying to find if there was an official soundtrack release. Much to my disappointment, there was not.

The only thing we’re left with is either re-releases by the artists themselves or audio edits from the movie. For example, Dance Dance Dance by Earth, Wind & Fire appeared on one of their albums. A different version of the closing theme, Send Love Through appears under a different name on one of Debbie Harry’s albums.

It’s also nice find that people younger than myself have tripped upon what has basically become a cult-classic now!

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