Revival Events and Home-Improvement Projects YAY!

Revival Events and Home-Improvement Projects YAY!

Somewhere in the process of half-assing my way through Fate/Accel Zero (before I lost interest, at least), I increased my home-girl’s bond level 🌟

In all honesty, I was meh on the Fate/Accel Zero event before it came out. Perhaps it’s because while I liked Fate/Zero, I wasn’t a huge fan because the story was darker than I was used to, especially when compared to Fate/Stay Night.

Another reason I’m meh on the Fate/Accel Zero event. I don’t handle mission-based events very well. In this case, there’s an even bigger reason for being meh. Early on, I compared Irisviel to Tamamo, and realized that I already had a pretty solid Arts Caster. So basically, I didn’t need Irisviel at all.

Home improvement projects. The bf and I started ripping out rotted subfloor, hence the reason for being extremely busy. I also (stupidly, I might add) started a new desk building project.

Battle in New York 2020
NeroFest was getting old anyway.

So now it’s Gilfest, and finally, it’s nice to see the spot-light taken away from Nero for once πŸ˜‰ I’ve been slowly playing my way through. I want to be more serious this time around with farming mats because damn, I need those Dragon’s Teeth and Forbidden Pages.

Finally, that redesign? On hold for the moment. I’m not happy with the way it came out.

Till next time!

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