Lostbelt 5: Cosmos Denied

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Brief summary of my thoughts on both Atlantis and Olympus, and how I feel about this summer's upcoming servant releases AND Lostbelt 5.5 (Heian-Kyo). #fgo #fatego #fategousa

Brief summary of my thoughts on both Atlantis and Olympus.

Obligatory Warning: Thar Be Spoilers Ahead!

Yeah, it’s been a good long while since I last posted an update. Winter blues hit me pretty hard, and I’ve been working on Silent Shadow and improving my skills with Blender. Summer 2021 basically burned me out so I decided to take a long hiatus—only collecting daily login bonuses here and there.

Lostbelt 5.1: Atlantis

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic when Atlantis came out, which probably colored my opinion and desire to finish the chapter right away. I started Atlantis when it first came out, but did not finish until the day that Olympus was released. The way I feel is that Atlantis sort of dragged on for me. Other fans liked the pacing and the writing, but for me it was simply too slow. Yes, we needed build-up for when Orion shot down Artemis but it really got tiring to hear ad-nauseum how “outclassed” we were, even after we beat each boss time and time again.

My favorite parts—in no chronological order—was the camaraderie between the protagonist and the Servants summoned to Atlantis that managed to survive. Corday falling in love with the protagonist was annoying, and Mash’s reaction to that was just as equally annoying.

I actually liked Jason’s being a lazy do-nothing act (which that’s all it was, an act) and his basically acting like a “budget Gilgamesh*.” Aside from that, the best conclusion to Jason’s arc was the Chiron fight, and how he covered up his injuries until the very end.

The “trojan-horse” plays by both Chiyome and Corday were well-played even if I could see them coming—well, I could see Chiyome happening with the Echidna but Corday was almost left-field. Almost—until we got to the scene with Corday “sneaking” off the Argo. Then I had an idea of what was going to happen. Frankly, I call that payback for robbing us of PHH Odysseus.

⭐ That has more to do with his attire and attitude than his game-play. I didn’t hear him throwing around any “mongrels” or “curs,” though.

I was disappointed that Drake didn’t have a more prominent role in this Lostbelt, instead we got Bartholomew Roberts and his weirdly specific, creepy bangs-covering-eyes fetish. On the other hand, that was understandable since Drake had a huge part in the Okeanos Singularity.

The fights weren’t that difficult. The Astraea fight was pretty easy with Merlin+Waver+Jeanne Alter—who needs class advantage when you can just Crit/Buster them to death.

Chiron did give me a few problems there but my new favorite welfare Lancer, Kagetora*, with last-stand Cu Chulainn carried me through that fight. Weirdly enough, I didn’t think to bring Scathach 🤷🏽‍♀️

⭐ GUDAGUDA 4 rerun is coming in May. If you didn’t get Kagetora last year, that’ll be your chance.

F*ck the Cerberi fights. Dear god, those were a bitch. They did give me a chance to see how Super Orion handles—and it makes me wish that I had rolled for him when I had the chance.

For some reason, Lostbelt Chiron reminded me of Kevin Sorbo. It was that whole “he’s a hero but he’s really a villain” sort of vibe. Weird that he didn’t give me that vibe in the Apocrypha event.

Lucky for Orion, PHH Artemis isn’t here to punish him.
Same, dude. Same.
We need more Introvert Mandricardo in the game.

Gacha Luck: Rate-Ups Are a Lie—Except When They’re Not

🧂 The gacha salt is strong this time around. I ended up with the Dioscuri instead of Caenis 😐 Salty as I was, I didn’t burn them like I’d initially threatened to. I did toss them into the second archive, though. I can salve my pride with the fact that the Twins are probably better to have when Castoria comes out.

I did have high hopes of bringing Caenis along to finish Limbo off in Lostbelt 5.5, though 😔

I’ve noticed a pattern in my gacha luck. Limited SRs or SSRs—I have A or EX-ranked luck when it comes to getting what I want within five summons (Ereshkigal was kind of a bitch, though). But that same luck doesn’t hold true for bagging non-limited Servants on rate-up. Case-in-point: Napoleon and Sitonai. I whaled for both when they came out and nadda.

Edit: 4/2/2022 @ 8:11pm CDT Caenis decided to answer my summons. Of course, by this point I’d already moved the Dioscuri to Second Archive. Maybe it was the thought of bringing her along to get even with Limbo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Of course, I go and bitch about rates then this happens.

Lostbelt 5.2: Olympus

Compared to Atlantis, Olympus really started moving from the start. For some people, it seemed slower than Atlantis—likely because of the amount of reading involved. I’ll be honest, the amount of reading didn’t bother me at all. I actually got annoyed with the mook-slaying because it distracted me from the story!

Demeter was not quite as much of a bitch as I thought she would be—I only had to revive once, and it took me nine turns with Martha and Quetz. I didn’t mind the forced Caenis too much, to be honest. Having her* in the front-line (I’d rather refer to Caenis as female but that’s my preference) helped keep the heat off my back-liners while doing some damage.

⭐️ Something that I noticed: Kirschtaria refers to Caenis as “he,” while other characters refer to Caenis as “she.” On that note, one thing I could have really hoped for was some Caenis/Mordred interaction.

9 painful turns—that didn’t seem to take all that long, actually.

Beast of Taming (Koyanskaya)—actually, I forced my way through that fight with repeated revives because I’m impatient. Some people are willing to stall but not me—I was anxious to get back to the story.

Aphrodite actually gave me more problems than Demeter or Koyanskaya, but I managed to make it through.

The Dioscuri… ugh. Castor’s emo-boy shtick got old real quick. By the last fight, I was itching to sic Chloe on them. My team was Mash+Tamamo+Chloe/Summer Jalter because I was really tired of the “waaaaaaaah I hate humans/humans are vermin” act. On the last break-bar, I let Jalter bbq them then had Chloe finish them off. In hindsight, I probably should have let Chloe just finish the final break-bar because I knew that she could do it, but there was a Jalter brave-chain and Castor just made me go “dude, you’re so getting bbq’d along with your sister—enjoy the burn, fuckers.”

Caenis was already growing on me, and I really loved how she wasn’t putting up with any shit from the Dioscuri. I really want to roll for her, but I’m waiting until I’m finished with the chapter first. Caenis obviously got enjoyment out of thrashing the living sh*t out of them in the story—one of those times when class disadvantage is overlooked to further the story along.

Douman: “MmmmmmMmmmm, don’t threaten me with a good time.”

The early Talos fights went the same way. Later on, with Talos and Europa—finished off Talos first, then let Jack have at Europa (class advantage and STR up against Female enemies). Considering Europa’s reveal as the Collaborator, I felt bad for that but hey… had to keep moving somehow.

Kirschtaria was an unexpected reveal. I was fully expecting the typical arrogant mage spiel about how the protagonist sucks, but instead he sees us as equals to him in ability. What’s more, we get to see the catalyst for what set him on his current course.

The final Caenis fight, I really wanted to use Hokusai (Saber)* but apparently, I never finished grailing her to level 90 like I planned (oops). So I went with Musashi with Okita for backup.

⭐ That has since been rectified. Level 90 10/6/10 Oui (Saber)

Fuck Limbo—and thank you Pepe for setting him up for a permanent fall in Lostbelt 5.5—can’t wait for December. Also, Beryl is an unrepentant piece of shit but we sort of knew that from hints in previous scenes and JP server spoilers. Either way, can’t wait for Lostbelt 5.5 and 6—Limbo and Beryl both are getting the shank 🔪

The final scenes with Makarios, Adele, and Europa was sad—not gonna lie, I almost cried. What I hope is that at the end of the Lostbelt saga, the protagonist will find that all of the NPCs that they bonded with in each Lostbelt are alive—in some form—in PHH when it’s finally restored.

We’ll see, though. JP server spoilers aside, it’s hard to predict when the Lostbelt arc will actually be over. Right now, we have the Road to Lostbelt 7 campaign on the JP server, which would seem to suggest that it’ll be released sometime soon—yet there’s rumors that LB 7 won’t be until December ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There’s also some rumors that the Tunguska Event wasn’t Lostbelt 6.5 but it’s hard to keep track of whats what coming from the JP server ◔_◔

Anywho, Cosmos Denied—now on to the next events: 20 Million Downloads Campaign, and then after that, the Fate/Requiem Collab Event (start saving quartz for Voyager).

GUDAGUDA 4 rerun is going to have rate-ups for Avenger Nobu and Okita Alter. Should be noted that GUDAGUDA 4 also had some useful Command Codes as well.

It looks like this summer will be mostly rerun events, like the Ooku and All the Statesmen events. SE.RA.PH Main Interlude also comes out this summer. 5th Anniversary and Summer 5 (Summer 2022) will be thrown in there as well. Since NA’s Anniversary is different from JP, we’ll see 5th Anniversary around the beginning of July, with the Summer 2021 rerun and Summer 2022 back-to-back.

Finally, my goals for limited SRs and SSRs this year are:

  • Voyager (obvs)
  • Castoria
  • Tomoe Gozen (Saber)

Some hopes of getting an NP2 or 3 Musashi (Berserker) with the Summer 2021 rerun, but other than that I don’t—personally—see anything worth rolling for until maybe Imaginary Scramble, even the New Years 2023 event (Muramasa). I’m in the air about rolling for Douman, frankly—but we’ll see.

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