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Well, I’m on my second draft of the prequel story that’s tentatively called A Fated Encounter. Basically, details how Syleth and Roan (Rowan) initially met the first time, because Hawk & Wolf wasn’t actually their first meeting! I’m writing bits and pieces of Firestorm (Rough Draft), and parts of Hawk & Wolf as well—which I suppose would count as a 2nd draft.

Essentially, I’m writing three or four different stories at roughly the same time. I have to be pretty insane, right? To keep things interesting, and to let people know that this project isn’t dead—just lumbering along—below is a list of stories (or planned stories), starting with the original arc that I had planned from 2005 (wait, holy shit—Silent Shadow is almost 20 years old?!). I’m also going to include a cast of characters with artwork.

Other additional news. I’ve registered Like, it’s currently redirecting to the Silent Shadow category on this site. Eventually, the two domains will have their own site but that won’t be for a long while yet.

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