All-Out Nobunaga Assault GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji 2021 (GUDAGUDA 4) featuring new Event Limited 4🌟 Nageo Kagetora (Lancer)!

note: The time in the main image is wrong. It’s actually 1am PDT, not 9pm PDT. Will update that image as soon as I have a chance.

AKA All-Out Nobunaga Assault GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji 2021 (GUDAGUDA 4) featuring new Event Limited 4🌟 Nageo Kagetora (Lancer)! Unlike previous events, there isn’t a point ladder or required missions so you can basically proceed at your own pace—within reason since the event is limited duration.

GUDAGUDA 2021’s New Event Limited Servant: 4🌟 Nagao Kagetora (Lancer)

Let’s talk a little about our new Welfare Lancer, Nagao Kagetora. Single-target Arts Lancer so (for me at least) she’s filling a niche that’s presently only occupied by Li Shuwen*. She should be a welcome addition to your line-up. Her kit does remind me of Kuro’s skill-set (another awesome welfare from the Prisma Causeway event). Surprisingly enough, I have not seen any information on her looping capability considering that she is Arts-based, with the NP and two Arts command cards. Something to test out once she’s completely leveled.

If you grabbed Kagetora last year, this year you’ll get 5 gold prisms (for each copy) + ~5 million QP for burning her ascension materials.

One draw-back with this event and the new welfare: no gems or needed ascension mats in the shop. According to GamePress, blue and red Lancer gems are among the notable drops for this event, but other than shields in the event shop, you might have a hard time maxing her skills any time soon.

Event Goodies Featured in Final Honnoji

🛑 👉🏽 Like last year, if you’re looking for gems you’re going to be disappointed. GUDAGUDA 4 does not reward any Gold Lancer gems so if you’re low and looking to level Kagetora quickly, you’re SOL until 5th Anniversary (when the dailies are 1/2 AP) or the fall lottery events.

🌟🌟 It might be wise to wait until 5th Anniversary to level up, since Great and Super Success Rates will be increased by x5.

Another bummer is this event doesn’t reward SQ or tickets. Of course, that’s probably because we’re getting more SQ and tickets from the upcoming 5th Anniversary event.

🌟This year, 60 to 90 sq off the bat for the retweet campaign; the login bonuses, which includes 10 summon tickets; 130 sq total for mission clears—it’s unclear if those of us who got those last year will get the same thing this year ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but one can hope, right? Finally, there’s an sq fragment award for total number of main quest clears going all the way back to Fuyuki. The amount is 1046, which roughly comes out to 149 sq.

New Command Codes

GUDAGUDA 4 offers three command codes that are available as rewards for completing missions. If you got these codes last year, you’ll get gold or green prisms instead.

Command Code: Fool of Owari

5🌟 The Great Fool of Owari

Increases critical damage against Divine enemies by 30% of the engraved card.

Reward for completing Suppression Quest: Obama.

If you got this code last year, this year you will receive 1 gold prism instead.

The final boss of the event is an Archer with the Divine trait. *Scáthach would be a good candidate for this command code, particularly when her God-Slayer skill is on cool-down.

⭐ I used this CE on Kuro for the Dioscuri fights in Olympus

Remember the Limbo fight from Lostbelt 4? The same gimmick is in play here as well except you get a support (Medea) that helps recover the lost NP gain.

  • Like the Limbo fight, don’t use starting NP CEs because you’ll loose that at the beginning of the quest. Instead, use CEs that focus on damage boosts.
  • Bring support Medea with you as she provides a 50% NP gain per turn and a 30% NP strength boost.
Command Code: Fine Sword

4🌟 Fine Sword

Ignores Invincibility when attacking using the engraved card.

Reward for completing Suppression Quest: Tsugu Gold Mine

If you got this code last year, this year you will receive 200 green prisms instead.

This quest was too easy. Brought Sitonai (support), but I don’t think I actually needed her. Used Arash (grailed level 70—yup, finally tossed him a grail) and Ishtar to soften up the front line, then finished in two additional turns after the NP turn.

Command Code: The Inexperienced Fantasy's Command Seal

3🌟 The Inexperienced Fantasy’s Command Seal

When engraved on Arts card, increases critical star absorption by 100% of the engraved card.

Reward for completing Suppression Quest: Sado Gold Mine

If you got this code last year, this year you will receive 100 green prisms instead.

Since it increases crit star absorption on Arts cards, this command code is potentially ideal for servants who only have one Arts card. *Musashi, Scáthach, and Cu are three that come to mind. On Musashi, combined with her Fifth Force skill, should help with filling her NP gauge quickly—provided you have enough critical stars from the turn before to begin with. Theoretically, it should work the same way for Scáthach in her ABB or AQQ chains.

⭐ I’m actually using this CC on Musashi’s one Arts card. Combined with her Fifth Form skill (and always depending on the star-drop from the turn before), I’ve had instances where I’ve had Musashi’s NP bar charged in one turn.

This quest was a bitch-and-a-half. The three Assassin-class Nobbus have a passive that restores all of their HP at the end of a turn. Choose support Medea at the beginning of the quest as she provides a passive to your team that increases NP by 50% per turn, and increases NP strength. You basically have to one-shot each one of those buggers. Focus on removing the middle Nobbu first as that one actually has a three-tick NP bar. The other two can be eliminated with an AoE NP.

Of the three quests for the command codes, I find it rather ironic that the lower rarity command code quest was actually the most difficult of the three.

GUDAGUDA 4 Quest Difficulty

Honestly, not terrible. Well, not terrible if you have a well-rounded roster. Newer players may have some difficulties, though. In the fights against the black Archers, Scáthach and Cu absolutely shine here.

Till next time!

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