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Honestly, this event had to have been by far the grindiest event I’ve participated in to date. Of…

Honestly, this event had to have been by far the grindiest event I’ve participated in to date. Of course, it didn’t help matters that I missed two days because of severe weather shenanigans. But either way, I got all three Command Codes, and all of Erice’s ascension mats and additional copies. Now, whether or not Erice ends up being a part of my lineup remains to be seen.

Yes, I summoned Voyager 😉

What about the story? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Honestly, it was meh. I haven’t read Fate/Requiem yet (though it’s on my list) but I know who the major characters are. Erice’s personality as portrayed by this event wasn’t what I was expecting. If I had been more emotionally vested Erice as a Servant, then the event may not have been such a slog. But honestly, I had a feeling if I waited until near the end of the event when I had Erice permanent and leveled, that my odds of summoning Voyager would be better. It took three 30 pulls and a handful of single pulls before I got him.

Servant Coins and Level Cap Coming May 23rd!

Woke up to this bit of news yesterday morning. Holy hell! So, we’re getting these updates a year early, eh? Plus NP animation updates for 62 Servants. Last but not least: QP inventory cap. Just in time for the Las Vegas rerun where we’ll get more QP!

Servant Coins/Level Cap Increase a Year Early?

I had some thoughts on that—actually, I’d been thinking about this since last fall.

Looking at the future of events in Fate/GO and what those of us on the NA server can expect for the next year—eh, I dunno. They just seem rather lackluster to me. I guess we’re at the point where the NA server gets to see the effects that the pandemic had on the 2020 events.

While I don’t play on the Japanese server, I do pay attention to the event releases. What I noticed two years ago was there seemed to be a lack of new content after the Fate/Requiem event. Between May and September (Anniversary Event aside) there was only one new event—Japan’s Summer 2020 event. I remember being worried that the pandemic was going to fuck up the story progression, or maybe even lead TYPE-MOON to scrap the entire project but thankfully, we know that never happened.

Anyway, the speculation amongst us NA players is that maybe we’ll get content early considering that Servant Coins and the level cap were 6th Anniversary releases. So, would that mean we’d get Lostbelt 5.5 early? Honestly, I wouldn’t count on that—I’d still expect a December release, and still anticipate the Lostbelt 6 chapters to be next summer. What I do see happening is that some of the non-seasonal events could be moved up early—like GUDAGUDA 5 coming in June instead of in October, or even better, Saber Wars II rerun in October instead of waiting until 2023.

Apparently, some of my speculation is off—we’re still following the 2020 schedule from the Japanese server. The Summer 2021 Re-run starts Monday.

What About the Extreme Daily Quests in Chaldea Gate?

That’s a damned good question. It seems counterintuitive to release Servant Coins and Level Cap increases early, and not release the quests that drop the Hellfire Embers. Makes me wonder if they’ll be released sometime after the end of the Summer 2021 rerun.

Lostbelt 6.5 Thoughts

It looks it’s tentatively labeled “Traum”—which could be short-hand for “Trauma” OR (more likely), it’s the German word for “Dream.” The current unofficial translation for the chapter is “The Boundary Where Thoughts of Death Manifested – Traum: A Certain Phantasmal Life and Death” so I’d go with the German word, or perhaps both? Could it be something laying the path to Lostbelt 7—which is rumored to have something to do with the Mayan underworld Xibalba—or possibly El Dorado?

Holmes Interlude

Thar be spoilers ahead!

With the recent Interlude Campaign 13 release, I got a chance to play through Sherlock Holmes’ interlude. Honestly, I didn’t get the same vibe that Holmes is going to betray humanity or the protagonist, or endanger the protagonist in any way the way everyone else seems to be getting. What I could see happening is Holmes doing something that horrifies our protagonist’ sensibilities. Also, while I could see that having something to do with Olga Marie, somehow I doubt it. There’s an already established story for that—Holmes’ killing one of the assassins that were after Blavatsky. Plus, what the hell is up with Moriarty? Is he protecting the protagonist like the other Chaldean Servants or is he there as a foil to irritate Holmes? Or—is he a meme character like Black Beard?

And the final question is what is BB’s roll in all of this. It’s implied that BB and Altera (Santa) have something to do with the main storyline—crossover with Fate/Extra, perhaps? The background music for the final scenes in the Christmas 2019 event was from Fate/Extella—which is basically a continuation to Fate/Extra. That would go with the speculation that Charlemagne—aka “Charlie”—is going to be one of the servants released later when Lostbelt 6.5 is released (yet another Servant to save for if the speculations are true).

Frankly, I need to get off my ass and level up Moriarty. I have him but he’s been sitting in Second Archive for a year or so because I already have a hefty group of Archers. His Interlude is out and it may shed some light on what Holmes is up to.

Also, it’s not noted anywhere if the interlude takes place after Olympus, or before. The timing is rather important, I’d say. Blavatsky was part of the God-slayer Alliance, who were all dead minus Caligula when our protagonist and co appeared on the scene. It’s never actually specified if the Blavatsky that was summoned to Olympus is “our” Blavatsky.

Anyway, that’s it for me. Watch for my republished guide on the Las Vegas Championship Rerun—which should be up tomorrow morning.

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